In the wild digital jungle that is social media, search optimization, digital marketing, and all the technologies that give them life, you’ll find all the companies that rely on these ever changing forms of advertising – like our very own clients that literally depend on us on a daily basis. Start-ups, Universities, local and national companies – it takes quite a solid and talented team to achieve the success we have and to keep it going. Because of this success we’re on the lookout for some great new talent to add to our already exceptional team.

To help those who might be interested in joining the Vuepoint crew, we thought we’d give you some insights into how we grow our team and the sorts of things we think about when we hire.

Working at Vuepoint

Working at Vuepoint is not your average job and it’s certainly not for the average person. We’re a fast paced, team work, results driven, strategic machine.

Funny enough at a company called “Vuepoint”, creating new marketing strategies using innovation and technology by looking at a problem from all possible angles is exactly what we do. When things get tough or a problem arises in any project, we all come together to sort it by using our collective talents and minds.

As a team, every day we come to work to connect businesses to their audiences through our passion for digital marketing and creative innovation. What matters most to us is the results we create for our clients.

We look for people who are enthusiastic, passionate, and want to work with a truly unique team of like minded experts. Someone willing to learn – we encourage a “Here’s a new and effective way to get this done that I discovered” kind of attitude. We’re far more interested in what you did in your spare time than what you were taught in college, or more importantly how you’ve applied the knowledge you gained in college to work on practical projects – that’s the stuff that will impress us.

Self-motivation and the ability to work on your own initiative is very important for any position at Vuepoint. We believe in staying out of our people’s way so while the entire team will be there to help, guide, and point, you’ll be given real work and the ability to work your way so you can make a direct and valuable contribution towards growing our team and our clients.

Working at Vuepoint

How we hire

Vuepoint is an agency completely focused on getting stuff done but we’ve learned one thing over the years – hire the right people, give them the right tools, and a great environment to work in.

Normally, any project at Vuepoint goes through three phases;

1. Sorting

We constantly get resumes from various sources. We’ll have some that come direct to us through our website, referrals from friends and colleagues, or even from other agencies. It goes without saying that the direct approaches and referred approaches get the most positive attention.

First impressions count – our primary consideration when hiring is that the person will fit in here with the culture that we’ve painstakingly built up at Vuepoint, skill set is clearly important but its far more important that any prospective team member will understand what it is that we’re trying to achieve here.
So we spend a lot of time looking through resumes, reading every one that comes in, looking for that culture/skills match. And that’s often something that a rigid, formal resume won’t tell us. We’ll be looking for other telltale signs – for instance if you’re applying for a social media management role then we’ll be far more interested in your own platforms, links and things of that nature where we can get a sense of what level your skills are at.
In general, attitude and practical skills trump everything else; formal training and education is nice, but not necessary if you can prove that you have an ability and a passion for getting stuff done.

2. Screening

If someone has piqued our interest then we’ll take it further by scheduling a call with them. We’re a damn attractive bunch here at Vuepoint so its important that we only hire equally good looking people…. ha, we wish. Before anyone goes to the effort of stopping by our office for a formal interview, it’s good to chat informally so that everyone’s on the same page, usually if we’ve gone to the effort of screening someone they’ve met the minimum requirements for whatever role. The screening call is primarily about us being able to check up on the level of experience that the individual has, but also seeing how they interact.

3. Interviewing

Now that things are getting serious it’s time to see the Vuepoint team and its awesome boutique office in all its glory. A visit to Vuepoint is probably slightly less formal than most interviews. It’s usually made up of three parts – first, a chance to interact and chat with some of the team here so that you can get a sense of the daily goings on, secondly, a proficiency test (technical or business) where you’ll get a hands on task to complete in a set period of time and thirdly, an interview with some of the people you’ll be working with on a daily basis.
Primarily this is an opportunity for us to see the person in our natural environment – how do they get along with other members of the team etc. Any day that we’re interviewing someone, everyone on the team will know about it.

4. The Decision

Once we’ve met someone at Vuepoint it’s usually a very quick decision process – when you hire for culture fit, you get a pretty immediate sense of whether or not a person is right for the team, so usually you’ll have an answer within 24 hours.
As a standard, we operate a three month probationary period for all new hires – this is for everyone’s benefit really. Working at Vuepoint is amazing, but it’s challenging, very different and sometimes that doesn’t suit an individual. So, we have a three month “bail-out” clause for them so everyone can part ways if it isn’t working out.

So, hopefully that’s given you some sense of how and what we’re looking for when we hire at Vuepoint.

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