Katerina was our first summer intern but after our experience with her, hopefully not our last! Before she left, we asked her to do a little write up on her time at Vuepoint. Mostly to give future interns a little perspective on what it’s like to work here. And here’s what she had to say…

Vuepoint Creative represents much more than the tag line of Digital Marketing Pros; the individuals within this agency embody creativity, energy, fearlessness, and inspiration. I spent three months with Vuepoint Creative, and I feel as if I should pay them for the knowledge I have learned. From the culture and clients, to the industry and social integration, this web development agency defines much more than web design in San Antonio. They define ferocity.

I started working here as a scared, nervous, and clueless intern. Now as I exit, I am a working adult. My little graphic design heart dove headfirst into an ocean of digital marketing. Two days before my last day I am finally surfacing. Once you meet the Vuepoint team, you will be ready to take the dive. You will be ready to explore truly professional digital marketing, and you will feel an unprecedented rush of excellence.


source: https://www.facebook.com/MWDSanAntonio

As I dove deeper, I learned the culture of the team. I was nervous having three bosses and working in extremely close quarters. The knowledge that they unloaded on me was a bit more than I thought I could digest. Imagine a huge burger from Max’s Wine Dive [with a fried egg] and you are expected to finish it, like it, and remember every ingredient that was involved in the process. But trust me — I loved it! Not just because I used a burger analogy, but because this team made it hard to not love the work that they did day in and day out. When I say the culture of this team, I am referencing their belief to succeed whether it is campaigning or designing a new web page. They transform web development and digital marketing from a job into an art. Paired with a constant initiative to be different, Vuepoint stands apart.

No textbook could teach me as Vuepoint did. The most exciting part of schoolbooks on advertising and marketing is purchasing them used and receiving a discount. I’m not downing my studies or any university whatsoever– I love going to class like the next graphic design nerd. However in school we use fake money. We are told we have X-amount to create a campaign and have a deadline of an entire semester. Unlike my classes, my first day at work I had to start doing research and planning to allocate how much spending would be used for a Facebook advertising campaign. [News Flash: You are dealing with someone’s real, hard earned money, AND you have a week to do it along with working with other clients that only work from 9am-6pm.] The Vuepoint team though was there every step of the way. I was nervous at first, but then I realized that I can turn around in my chair and ask questions.  Trust me I had a lot of questions. I could have taken an internship with an agency where I got to observe the industry, but here at Vuepoint I had responsibilities and expectations to uphold. I could not have asked for a more fulfilling experience as an intern.

What would I tell future interns? Buckle up. Get ready for a experience that will teach you how to take the first steps toward SEO expertise, how to communicate through online software, how to appreciate the little things in a design, how to listen to the best music, how to love cupcakes, cookies, and bagels, and most importantly how to be a part of something bigger than just graphic design. Vuepoint Creative brings life to a client’s idea and dream through digital marketing. So, don’t be nervous. Instead, say your opinion, joke around, dance and sing from time to time, bring lots of snacks, fall in love with the color blue, and always have a place in mind for Friday lunches.

Katerina Peña is currently a student at the University of Alabama pursuing her BA in Advertising & Public Relations and is President of the Forensic Council’s Speech and Debate Team. She will be graduating May of 2014.

If you’re interested in working or interning at Vuepoint, please visit the Team section of the website and click on the mystery man.