Music has this unique way of bringing people together, lifting spirits, and inspiring creativity. The Vuepoint team recently decided to harness the power of music to increase productivity and brighten our day. While we do work in an open office that encourages collaboration, it can be a little distracting at times. Because we don’t have doors to close that have “Do Not Disturb” signs, we had to figure out another way to silently let our other team members know when we are in “the zone”. We found that just out of common courtesy, when seeing another member of the team with headphones on, we sent them a message instead of interrupting them. Building on this habit that was already in play, we made it an official rule; headphones on meant that that team member was in “the zone”; headphones off meant they were all ears.

Introducing the newest addition to every Vuepoint member’s wardrobe – The JBL Everest 700

They have a bluetooth feature, are comfortable, have incredible clarity, have an efficient noise-cancelation design, are big enough to see when someone is wearing them…and we love the matte, grey finish.

Yes, wearing the headphones was fun, but the real fun was learning about our team’s crazy taste in work music.

When Wes is at his desk, away from the meetings and has a moment to sit down to really knock out some work, he prefers ambient, indie rock music like SOHN. Then there are those moments when he wants to kick it up a notch and listen to electronic or trap music. When it comes to these types of genres, he prefers artists like Keys N Krates.

Give your ears a treat and check out a sample:

Mashell's Music Picks

Mashell listens to nature sounds when really in the zone. After doing a little research, we found  out that this is a great tactic for when you’re needing to put some intense thought into something.  Lyrics can be a little distracting, especially if they’re lyrics you know by heart (Like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme Song).


Here are some samples of other music Mashell enjoys while in the design chair. We thought you might enjoy them too:


Ale's Music Picks

Ale, our Project Manager, likes lyrics to her background music. She prefers laid-back, gentle, alt-    indie love songs. Here’s a little taste, enjoy!


Jen's Music Picks

Jenn is our dedicated AE. She listens to Lana Del Rey Radio on Pandora which consists of a little bit of alternative, pop, independent music. And if she’s missing her southern roots, she’ll listen to country artists like Miranda Lambert, Josh Abbott, or Randy Rogers Band. Most of our team doesn’t care for country music, but that’s what the headphones are for!

Put yourself in Jenn’s…ears for a moment. Here’s a little sample of what she enjoys, daily at work :








JR's Music Picks

JR is our Front-End Web Designer, and he has a different method when it comes to listening to background noise. JR utilizes a website that is specifically made for cubicle workers called http://www.listentoamovie.com/ and listens to movie dialogue. As a writer, it’s extremely hard to do. But, if you have a job that allows you to try it out, you definitely should. When needing a break from movie dialogue, JR listens to Chillstep, Deep House, and Downtempo music. He also enjoys cityscape noises and says that the headphones are so clear, he feels like he’s there.

Have a little listen to one of JR’s tracks:





Morgan's Music Picks

Then there’s me…Morgan, the Copywriter. I like all kinds of music, but Frank Sinatra is my main squeeze while writing. There is just something about that smooth voice that enables me to focus on whatever I’m doing, even if I know all the words to his songs (which I do).

So lean in and get in the zone while listening to Ol’ Blue Eyes:

Now, not only is our workspace more productive, but we all gained some new music to listen to in the process. For more blogs about our daily, work culture, go to:  https://vuepointagency.com/culture/