It’s been said that to be successful in any endeavor you should surround yourself with the right people. It’s 2014 and I’ve learned somewhere along the way that the same is true about technology…

meaning, to be successful, to run an efficient, profitable, sustainable business, you need to surround yourself with the right technology. In this post I’ll share three software tools that are and were so transformative to our business. I don’t see how we would make it through a single day without them.

Teamwork Project Manager

Like Drake says “Started from the bottom, now the whole team here”. And by bottom I mean we started by tracking our projects and deadlines with an excel spreadsheet! Sure, it works if you have one maybe two small clients. Along the way we’ve tried different processes and software but all pale in comparison to TeamworkPM. It’s an online portal that very beautifully tracks tasks, projects, and allows our team to share notes and collaborate efficiently. There are so many reasons to use TeamworkPM but I’ll share two:

  • Their process naturally integrated with our existing workflow. Sometimes you need to learn a new process. But TeamworkPM is strongly email based, and as we were already using emails to communicate with the team, TeamworkPM just blended right in.
  • There’s a seriously responsive and active team behind TeamworkPM. There are updating and improving the software on a monthly basis. There’s even been an instance or two where they made tweaks based on our feedback to help the product work even better for us!


Ok, so this article is about software and business use but this one will hit you on a personal level for sure. Think, how many passwords do you have just for your personal life? Email(s), online accounts like banking, utilities, credit cards, social media platforms, online shopping accounts, and so many more. It’s enough to make you break out into a light sweat just reading thinking about it. Well, that’s where 1Password comes in. You literally input everything into the software and remember only… well, one password to access it all! And because it’s available on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android it’s available to you wherever you are and whenever you need it. Easy to see the personal value of this little tool. Now when it comes to Vuepoint, we have to keep track of passwords for every clients’ social media platforms, online accounts, hosting accounts, web development accounts, and on and on… Seriously, we’re talking in the thousands here! Our team has the appropriate access to that information in seconds. Best of all, it’s highly secure! This is a must have on either a personal or business level.


The need to send/receive large files has become almost a daily necessity. Unfortunately email just doesn’t cut it. We used to rely on Dropbox to store large files online for the team to share and another called Yousendit to send links to clients containing large files. Thankfully, Dropbox has been recently updated to do both! Even better, Dropbox has become such a standard that tons of software use Dropbox integration… including TeamworkPM and 1Password! So now our entire team can easily share large/small files, synchronize data across multiple devices, and send downloadable links of these items to clients via email.

Oh yeah, things would be drastically different around here without TeamworkPM, 1Password, and Dropbox.