Davey Awards 2024: J-Prime Email Campaigns

Advertising & Marketing
Email Campaign

EMAILS: Seafood TowerHolidaysCrab Fried RiceMother’s DayAlaskan King CrabSeafood EntreesDelectable Sides

Campaign Goals

Increase Brand Awareness
Strengthen J-Prime Steakhouse’s visibility reinforcing its position as a top-tier choice for fine dining.

Enhance Customer Engagement
Improve email open and click-through rates by delivering compelling, personalized content that resonates with the target audience.

Drive Reservations
Convert email recipients into dining guests by using targeted calls-to-action and exclusive offers.

Strengthen Customer Loyalty
Build lasting relationships with existing patrons through engaging content that encourages repeat visits and word-of-mouth referrals.

Process + Design

The email campaign was crafted using a data-driven approach, utilizing insights from historical engagement metrics to tailor content that resonates with our audience.

This approach focused on themes and formats that had previously resonated with the target audience, ensuring that every email highlighted special occasions and menu features. To enhance the campaign’s visual appeal, we conducted two targeted photoshoots at both San Antonio and Austin locations, collaborating with renowned photographer Danny Batista. 

Key elements of the campaign included:

High-Quality Food and Drink Photography
Capturing the essence of J-Prime’s menu offerings in vivid detail. 

Visual Consistency
Maintained a consistent and high-quality visual theme across all materials, reflective of J-Prime’s luxurious and modern brand identity.

Personalized Email Journeys
Segmented email lists received customized messages based on past dining preferences and engagement history.

Content Rich Emails
Each email featured high-quality images from recent photoshoots, making each communication visually appealing and engaging.

Exclusive Offers and Invitations
Emails included invitations to special events and exclusive menu items, providing tangible value to subscribers and encouraging immediate action.

Campaign Results

August 2023 to May 2024









5.3% increase from last year



42% lower than last year

About the Client

J-Prime Steakhouse is a modern upscale steakhouse located in San Antonio and Austin, Texas. The restaurant offers a luxurious dining experience, serving top-quality steaks, seafood, and cocktails to its clientele. J-Prime is known for its elegant atmosphere, impeccable service, and unique menu offerings, including a wide variety of dry-aged steaks and fresh seafood options.

The restaurant’s commitment to sourcing the highest quality ingredients and providing a memorable dining experience has earned it a reputation as one of the best steakhouses in the region. J-Prime Steakhouse has been a staple of the San Antonio dining scene since its opening, attracting both locals and tourists seeking a top-tier dining experience.