Elisabeth, from The Rustic Gallery (a long time client of Vuepoint) came to us with an idea to do full page and full spread layouts in the Luxury Home Magazine. We said: “How can we make this the most powerful, trackable, lead generating tool we’ve provided for you, yet?!” That’s our digital marketing brains kicking into high gear! 😉

Here’s how we’ve setup this particular campaign to turn a simple print piece into an evolving, monthly digital marketing piece that gives The Rustic Gallery’s current customers, and potential customers, to continually market to month after month.

Campaign Cycle and Strategy

We addressed the amount of ads Elisabeth budgeted for in the magazine, and created an “digital marketing editorial calendar” that included which furniture pieces would be cycled in the magazine and on what months for the full page ads. Elisabeth also purchased one month with a full spread (two full page ads side by side). For that one specific month we’ll schedule a photo shoot to highlight one main large piece of furniture and more importantly a large profile shot of Elisabeth and her husband Ricky. The full spread will be Luxury Home Magazine’s first, “Luxury Business Profile” that stands out against all other ads throughout the magazine.

Campaign Details

Each full page ad and spread will offer the reader the ability to save a certain percentage of money by visiting a URL on therusticgallery.com. This specific URL therusticgallery.com/luxury cannot be accessed in any other way but the print advertisement, because aren’t adding the page to the website’s navigation, and do not advertise the page through any of the “on-site” images or content. This is purposely done so we can track all leads to that page, as coming solely from Luxury Home Magazine, and Elisabeth (and our team) can see how much traffic the magazine is giving her.

When someone visits the therusticgallery.com/luxury they are prompted with the same offer, given in the magazine, and to receive the offer they must enter their name and email. Entering their name and email automatically adds their contact information into our Campaign Monitor, email campaign system, and this is where the digital marketing side of things becomes exciting AND automated!!

Campaign ROI

When a person adds their self to a specifically segmented list, in The Rustic Gallery’s email marketing funnel, they are immediately sent an email with their money saving offer, which they use by walking into the store and showing the coupon on their device or printing and showing when checking out in store. Their email address is now also queued in the email system for automated regular emails (our autoresponder strategy) that help entice the individual to come into the store and save, introduce them to the uniqueness of the pieces The Rustic Gallery offers, and to provide them with other avenues to engage with The Rustic Gallery over time (travel journal on their website, Facebook for regular deals and to always stay in the loop on the latest pieces, etc). Using Google Analytics and Campaign Monitor analytics we can see how many people visited the campaign specific page, how many people actually gave their name and email, how many people opened and clicked the auto sent email, and we can compare those stats to the individuals that actually came into the store, to use their special coupons.

Did it work?

Yes! Elisabeth and The Rustic Gallery, was able to reach a whole new subset of customers in San Antonio and surrounding areas, sold unique pieces, gained a ton of new followers through their different social media outlets, has a ton more email addresses to continually market to, and can easily compare the amount of money spent to advertise in the magazine to the sale produced directly from her Luxury Home Magazine ads month over month.

Can it work for anyone else?

In the words of Wes, which I  (Danny) hate… Yes and No. What I mean by that is: Luxury Home Magazine is not for every business, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other print and non-print advertising avenues we can use, and “beef-up” with a digital marketing strategy that is right for your business and industry. Bring in your ideas, sit down on our couch, have a coffee, and we’ll figure out the rest!

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