Starting a new relationship with a digital marketing agency? Make the most of it by following these 10 best practices.

1. Keep your agency in the loop on business updates and customer feedback!

Exciting changes happening at your business? Your agency wants to hear about them! We can help you craft digital marketing messaging and campaigns to capitalize on special events, like:

  • The launch of new products or services
  • New store locations
  • Expansion into new geographic areas
  • Special promotions or discounts
  • Holiday events

And of course, we always want to hear customer feedback, good or bad. Every piece of information helps us adjust messaging and optimize your digital campaigns to get you the most return.

2. Set expectations up front.

Before starting on any digital marketing work, be sure to communicate your expectations about cost, return on ad spend, timelines, and other important factors to your chosen agency. We don’t know what we don’t know, so if you have a hard deadline for a project to be completed, or strict budget limitations, tell us up front.

Vice versa, an experienced agency will also set expectations with you, which may include information about how quickly a campaign can be up and running, how long it may take to start seeing a return on your ad spend, how much maintenance and attention a campaign is likely to require, and other important information.

3. Provide a second (and even third) point of contact.

Agencies know you’re busy! But sometimes we need quick communication to keep projects on track. When establishing a relationship, be sure to provide us with a second (and even third) point of contact that we can reach out to if needed. It’s useful for us to have more than one person on your team who can:

  • Approve content (landing pages, graphics & copy)
  • Answer questions about your business and target customers
  • Provide access to your business systems when needed (for example, access to your DNS or website to install tracking pixels for campaigns)

4. Review and approve campaign assets quickly.

In the same vein of providing more than one contact, the ability for your agency to receive quick feedback and approval on assets (like ads and landing pages) is essential to launching a campaign on time.

We understand sometimes approving digital assets isn’t on the top of your priority list. (You have a whole business to run, after all!) This is why we highly recommend having additional contacts on your team who have the authority to approve assets for your digital campaign.

5. Help your agency define your target audience.

No one knows your customers better than you! You can help your digital agency refine your campaign’s ad targeting by providing demographic information on existing customers. It’s also extremely useful if you can provide email and/or phone number lists that we can use to make lookalike and custom audience segments.

6. Be patient with the process.

It would be great if there was a way to flip a switch and see immediate results! But in the world of digital marketing, that’s not usually the case. Digital marketing requires a lot of tweaking and adjusting to find what works best for your business, which message resonates most, with which audience, on which platforms, etc. Optimizing campaigns is part of the process. As your agency learns what works best, you’ll begin to see improvements in your campaign.

7. Embrace experimentation!

Another key part of the digital marketing process is trying new things. Maybe you haven’t thought about targeting demographics outside of your traditional customer base, or maybe you didn’t think your business would do well with social media advertising. But you never know for sure until you try!

An experienced agency will make educated recommendations for you to experiment with, such as:

  • Running your ads on new platforms
  • Adjusting messaging that resonates more with your target audience
  • A/B testing out-of-the-box imagery that expands (but does not supersede) your brand

Stay open to new ideas, and you may see your campaign and business grow in ways you never imagined!

8. Ask your agency about your reports.

You’ll receive reports regularly from your agency. Sometimes these reports are sent weekly, some are monthly, but it will all depend on the kind of relationship you set up with your agency.

There may be metrics on the reports you don’t understand. And if so, ask us about them! We’re happy to explain any acronyms or metrics you’re not familiar with. We can also deep dive into trend lines that may help you better understand the seasonality of your business or industry.

9. Make time to meet with your agency when needed.

The success of your digital marketing campaigns will depend in part on how involved you are in the process. We rely on you to provide us with feedback from customers, the quality of leads we’re sending to you, and other vital information that helps us optimize your campaigns.

A quick touch-base meeting is also the perfect time to bring up any changes coming down the pipeline for your business, ask us questions, and brainstorm creative ideas with us!

10. Scale your campaign when the time is right.

Growth is always top-of-mind for your agency. When your campaigns are performing well, we may recommend scaling them to get the most return for your ad spend. This may involve:

  • Increasing your advertising budget
  • Expanding to new platforms
  • Developing new campaigns for specific products or services

We only ask that you be open to this possibility when the time is right to grow!

Working with Vuepoint Agency

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