In this blog we’ll be going through a campaign strategy we can leverage for better long-term results, using Facebook. However, this can also be implemented on any other ad platform; the concepts translate to anything. 

Most businesses are focused on achieving their results in a short period of time, and we think this might be an inefficient and unsustainable approach to building a strong pipeline of leads or sales. We believe that getting to change our mindset toward a longer-term approach will be more successful in the long run, considering the ever-changing digital landscape.

This strategy, as we refer to as the “Always On and Everywhere” strategy focuses on long-term relationship building with prospects, to the point where your business or service becomes the only business that comes to mind when they decide to make a purchase decision. This in turn allows businesses to increase revenue or margin even when prices are increased.

Example Campaign structure

Campaign Settings:

  • Objective: Reach (or Awareness)
  • Budget: Start very low. Let’s say ~$1 daily spend
  • Audience Targeting: 
    • Adjust Demographics to be skewed towards your largest audience profile.
    • The location could be based on where most of your customers are or a specific location (like a state). The goal of this is to expand your location targeting as you scale the campaign. 
    • Overall, starting size should be about 50 – 100k
  • Ad Placement: Do not use automatic placements, as Facebook tends to show Ads with a ‘reach’ objective in the lowest quality channels. Choose a placement where high-quality clicks come from. For instance, Feeds or Stories. Remove low-quality placements.
  • Frequency: Cap your ad frequency to ~1 impression every 5 days. 

Ad Sets: 

Our goal is to show 2 unique ads per day to a prospect. Therefore, we’ll be creating about 10 Ad sets, 1 ad per Ad Set. Each Ad Set starts  with ~$1 daily spend

Ad Assets:

Create ad assets that fall into the following categories below. These are like messaging themes to carry prospects along their discovery journey 

  • Value ads: These ads should indicate what value your product or service brings
  • Demonstration ads – designed to show how your product or service is delivered. This in turn builds trust with prospects. You can use video /carousel/slides formats
  • Client testimonials ads – focus on results you’ve achieved from previous customers with proof. Video testimonials or image-based testimonials are effective here.
  • CTA ads – designed to encourage prospects to take a specific action.

Note that this strategy takes longer for ad fatigue to occur. However, the cost can add up over time. The reason we start with a low daily budget. In addition, this strategy doesn’t generate results overnight but it has a snowball effect that yields tremendous results in the long run. Once this campaign is set up, you can move forward with running a conversion campaign alongside.

And that’s pretty much it! 

As always, if you’re looking to scale your business using some of the best digital marketing techniques, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re a one-stop-shop for everything digital marketing and will be excited to assist on your journey to building a profitable business.