As we all know about the major changes that have happened over the year, due to the iOS 14 updates, Facebook’s data has been much less accurate. This has tremendously affected performance measurement, thus negatively affecting campaign optimizations; as most marketers who use Facebook are basically flying blindly under these circumstances. In addition, to make things worse, the lack of data visibility also makes it a lot more difficult for Facebook’s algorithm to accurately learn what works or doesn’t work. 

This leads us to figure out other methods of building marketing campaigns on Facebook in order to get accurate data. Through this blog, we’ll be going through another approach to getting more accurate data on Facebook. 

Method One: Convert all campaigns to in-app campaigns. 

This means your campaign user journey will change from driving traffic to your website to driving traffic to an asset within Facebook. 

In the case of obtaining leads for a campaign, a lead generation form within the platform will be utilized. And in the case of obtaining product sales, the Facebook shop can be utilized. Of course, there are disadvantages to these methods, but one huge advantage is this will reduce overall CPMs and might lead to an increase in conversion. Since friction to take action by prospects will be greatly reduced. On the other hand, a disadvantage could be an increase in unqualified leads, in the case of lead generation.

Method Two: Create unique landing page URLs for each Campaign, Ad sets, or Ad.

We believe the changes made by iOS 14, greatly affect tracking, and so rather than depend on UTM tracking, the concept here is to build several unique User journeys using landing pages with unique URLs. This would allow for more accurate tracking on the marketer’s end, having accurate visibility into the various touch points of every prospect within the funnel. 

However, the disadvantage of this approach is that Facebook’s algorithm would still not be able to optimize to its fullest due to data still not being visible to Facebook; leading to poor machine learning optimization.

And that’s pretty much it! 

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