Facebook provides one of the most powerful digital marketing platforms available. Together, we can put together an effective plan that will reach the right people, grab their attention, and convert them into loyal customers.

First, we’ll need access to 2 components that make up your Facebook account—your Page + your ad account. To make this process as simple as possible, we put together a 2 part step-by-step tutorial.

In this blog post we’ll cover the steps needed to provide ad account access. Learn how to give us Page access here.

Let’s get started!

Facebook Ad Account Access

A.  Create an Ad Account by Creating Your 1st Ad

If you already have an ad account, jump down to Section B!

The first thing you’ll do is set up your billing information and provide Facebook with a valid payment method. This is done by creating and scheduling your first ad!

  1. Create a “placeholder” ad for $5.

This will serve as a temporary placeholder to simply create your ad account.

Once the team has ad account access, we’ll dive into your account, find this placeholder ad, and cancel it before it’s set to run.

To create this placeholder ad, click onto “create an ad” under the upside down triangle in your news feed.


Next, you’ll arrive on this page.


Click onto “Create Ad.”


2. Set an Objective for Your Placeholder Ad

Let’s keep it simple for the purpose of this post, and go with “Promote Your Page.”

Click “Create Ad Account” button to continue.


3. Bypass Setting Up An Audience.

Feel free to leave all fields in “Who do you want your ads to reach” blank.


4. Set a Lifetime Budget of $5.

Under the “daily budget” field, change this to “lifetime budget” in the dropdown. The least amount of money Facebook allows you to advertise is $5 a day.

Facebook only charges you once your ad is live and running. By scheduling this placeholder ad months from now, you can be 200% sure you will not be charged that $5.

5. Set a Schedule.

Choose to run this ad for 1 day only—starting and ending several months from now. Example: September 26-27

6. Bypass filling out the items below the “schedule” box.

Skip the steps below, and proceed to “Choose Ad Creative” at the bottom right.


8. Bypass all design questions about your ad text and image.

Facebook will automatically provide a suggested ad. Since this ad will not run, simply bypass this step and continue.


9. Click onto “Review Order” on the bottom of this page.


10. Make sure your budget is set for a “lifetime budget” of $5—scheduled for a couple months from now.

11. Click onto “Place Order” to schedule your first ad!

Now that you’ve set up your ad account, you’re ready to tackle Section B below! If you are using Business Manager, skip to B2. If you are not using Business Manager, you only need to follow the steps in B1.

“I have an ad account, and I don’t use business manager.”

Head over to your Ads Manager tab. You can get here by clicking onto “Manage Ads” on the upside down triangle cog on the top right of your newsfeed page.


1. Select your Ad Account.

2. Click onto “Account Settings” on the top left hand corner. You’ll need to type your Facebook password to proceed.


3. Scroll down until you see “Ad Account Roles”


4. Type in “manage@vuepointcreative.com” and select the “Ad Account Admin” role. This allows us to best manage your account. Learn more about roles below.

What is an ad account admin?

An admin can manage all aspects of campaigns including creating reports, viewing and editing billing details and assigning account roles.

An advertiser can see and edit ads and set up ads using the payment method associated with he ad account, but can’t set account roles or view billing information.


5. Click “submit.”

“I already have an ad account in business manager.”


Select the page and ad account we’ll be working on, and click “Assign Partner” on the top right corner of the page.

Our business manager ID is: 10153046175821767.

Voila! And just like that—we’re ready to get started on your first campaign!