As the holidays approach, it is imperative to incorporate some of this contagious cheer into your marketing strategy. No matter the industry you’re in, adding a splash of holiday marketing content into your regular content is always a must since it typically captures the attention of your customers.

There are many ways to add this special content into your strategy: whether it is through emails, social media, ads, promotions, etc. No matter the route you take,  it is always important to remain true to your brand essence and keep your followers in mind.

To make it easier for you to get started on your revolutionary holiday strategy, we share 5 important steps to keep in mind.

1. Start by setting your goals

You cannot get started on any sort of campaign without setting your goals first. Holiday marketing campaigns are not the exception.  To properly create and execute content, strategic goals have to be set up and kept in mind throughout the process. Whether it is to increase sales, drive awareness, acquire new followers, or simply to up-engagement, one to three goals should be written in stone.

When goal-setting, always keep in mind the demographic your content is tailored to. For the holidays, it’s key to look-out for the religious and traditions your followers typically undergo. Be mindful of all religions in your wording and content copy, you don’t want a time of cheer to be clouded by negative reviews.

2. Create a balanced schedule – Holiday Marketing + Regular Content

After your goals are set and your priorities aligned, it’s time for content creation! One top recommendation is to ALWAYS come up with a well-rounded schedule. You don’t want to overcrowd your audience with the same type of content every single day.

Whether you’re sending out emails, posting social posts or stories, or simply putting out promotions, prioritize having a well-rounded balance between all of these. It is recommended to set up a couple of content categories and alternate between them every couple of days, which results in remaining in the back of your customer’s minds, without spamming them with too much information.

For example, if on Monday you’ll post a Holiday deal, you should aim to post a regular post on Wednesday, returning to fun holiday content on Friday, and so on. Balance = Consciousness. Consciousness = Purchases.

3. Incorporate the use of  social media stories

This holiday season, do not fear stories! This content type is top-of-mind during the holidays, with individuals always in the lookup for fun games, giveaways, and promotions. If you take a look around, you’ll notice many brands incorporate stories into their holiday marketing strategy.

It is crucial to keep these stories on-brand, still making them informative and easy to follow. Having a well-rounded story with enough text and imagery results in more engagement, you do not want viewers to simply skip through without even grasping what you’re trying to convey. Keep in mind, Instagram and Facebook stories don’t always work the same (even if the platforms are connected), so taking a look at Facebook’s guidelines is always helpful.

4. Find a proper scheduling tool

As we all know, the holidays can for sure be HECTIC in every sense of the word. With so much going on in terms of sales and tasks to put out before the holiday break, your entire time cannot be spent entirely on social media. However, holiday marketing does have to be a key aspect.

This is why you should invest your time in scheduling all (or most) of your holiday content in advance. Whether it is a free tool such as Hootsuite or Buffer, or a more complex social tool like Later or HubSpot, scheduling your content beforehand will be life-changing, to say the least.  By devoting a couple of hours to get all of these posts ready, you will avoid having to spend short snippets of time on a daily basis to schedule posts.

5. Be creative!

Last but not least, be creative! The holiday season is a time in which all types of business bombard their audience with content, sometimes a little too much to take in. With this in mind, it is crucial to come up with innovative, fun, and brand-focused content that will keep your niche following at the edge of their seat.

Do not simply cater your content based on what you see others doing, instead, let your creativity be the main driver of the content you publish.

Need help?

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