If you’re a business owner with a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest account (or even have all four!), you know how much time and planning it takes to maintain an engaged audience. We know you have other things you need to focus on in your business, so when Vuepoint is managing your social media accounts, you better believe the bar will be set much higher because it’s what we do all day, everyday.

It all starts with a plan. We’ll share our goals on the frequency, types of content, as well as the budget we think will make your platform a great place to make announcements, engage with your audience, and convert. When we actually get started and the posts are flowing, you may be surprised to know that each post has been pre-planned, typically, a month in advance. This allows us to keep the content consistent and the audience well-informed of any time sensitive material. A monthly schedule also allows us to be able to easily tackle any up-to-the-minute content that may come through because we know how quickly information travels. Remember The Harlem Shake? Yeah, me neither.

When it comes to the written content, we take it very professionally. We write it, we review it, and we make it sparkle. When we see a Facebook post with grammatical errors or typos, it makes us cringe. We take what looks like a simple post very seriously because we think about how your audience will react and engage with it. The same thing goes for every image. No blurry or awkward photos allowed.

Facebook Post Examples

Vuepoint has a variety of clients with different goals and messages. Anything we can do to keep everything organized and running efficiently, we’re all about it. Here are some tools we can’t live without:

Facebook Insights


If you’re a business with a Facebook page, you have access to Facebook’s built-in analytics. Simply log into your account, go to your business page and click on the “Insights” tab at the top. You’ll not only be able to see an overview of how your page has been doing for the past week or even month, but you can see how each piece of content that has been posted has been performing.

Here are some of our favorite analytics we like to keep an eye on:

  • Post Engagement (number of people who commented, liked, shared, or clicked on post)
  • Audience Demographics (e.g. where they live, languages they speak, age, gender, etc.)
  • Local Data (allows us to see demographic info on people near a business)
  • Reach (number of people who had your post on their screen)
  • Number of Visitors to the Facebook Page
  • Number of Actions taken on a Page over Time
  • Demographics of People who Engaged with a Post

Consistent review of trends in this data help us to determine the best times to post. It also gives us better insight into our clients’ audience so we can tailor our messages to really resonate with them.



Simply put, Hootsuite is our efficiency tool. It allows us to schedule all posts for the month across each platform so we don’t have to worry about manual posting on a certain day and at a specific time. Since we can access several profiles and platforms, we don’t have to log in and out of several accounts.

Here are some of our favorite features from Hootsuite:

  • The ability to schedule the same message across several profiles at the same time
  • Constant ideas for content based on a specific industry
  • A beautiful calendar to give us an overview of our hard work
  • An overview of analytics from each platform for each client

Facebook Ad Manager


There are some pretty impressive tools and targeting for advertising on Facebook. Facebook Ad Manager allows us to manage multiple ad campaigns at the same time. Of course, it also displays analytics for each campaign so you can track its progress and make any adjustments to budget or target audience accordingly. It also saves analytics from past campaigns in case it’s ever needed.

These tools help us to stay on top of each of our clients’ social media accounts so that they can continue to stay relevant with their audience. Consistency is key with social media. Keep it up and your following will continue to grow, along with your business.

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