When brainstorming new ways to reach your target customers, it’s always important to think outside the box. Marketing is often mistaken to be primarily social media, ads, and sales, but there’s much more that the field has to offer.

One of the best ways to attract new customers into your consumer base, is incorporating blogs to your marketing strategy. Blogs are not only extremely informative and can be added as a section on your website, but they provide lots of detail on how your business can help solve problems or answer questions for your target customer.

Through the following blog, we share some reasons why a blogging strategy is crucial to reach your growth goals.

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

Of course, when a loyal customer searches your name on any search engine, they will come across your page. These, however, are customers you already have. Blogs intend to drive new traffic into your website from users who are ambiguous about your business, or know just a little about your offering.

When searching for a topic they’re interested in, having your page pop up is a huge score. If you’re writing using keywords related to relevant topics for your product or service, this means your blogs will appear on search engines. Essentially, as stated by the Huff Post, you’re providing something of value to the user without asking them for anything in return (whether that’s money, email signups, etc.)

Traffic = Leads

Not only is getting traffic into your website important, but blogs can assist in actually converting traffic into leads. When a user is impressed by the content being shared, this will drive them to continue browsing on your site and essentially end up becoming a customer.

By focusing on curating blogs that are relevant and informative, you’re working hard on organically answering any questions that readers might have about your product, and prompt them into wanting to become a part of your community. This is why it is essential to always end blogs with a call-to-action (CTA) referencing how your product relates to the topic being written about.

Social Media Content

Social Media has become a key component of any marketing strategy. Having a regular posting schedule that adheres to your brand standards and provides value to your followers, is essential in order to keep engagement at a peak.

Although content calendars are usually very organized and self-explanatory, there can also be the need for some repository content when there is a slow week for your brand, which is where blogs come into place.  Blog social content can be interactive with the use of stories and polls, but essentially the goal is to capture follower’s attention with interesting facts and prompt to click on the blog to read more.

Helps Establish Expertise and Trust + Constant Learning

One of the most important reasons for writing blogs, is establishing your knowledge on all topics related to your product or service. Blogs provide a platform for in-depth explanations and expanding on what benefits come from being a customer for your brand. Some examples include case studies, blogs listing out 5 ways in which your product solves a problem, or even commenting on news going around at the moment.

By keeping up to date with information your current and potential customers will be browsing for, you’re remaining at the top of the expertise level and extending the trust needed when a consumer looks to purchase a product. Additionally, by focusing on news and topics that are pertinent at the moment, your team will continue to learn key information every day, allowing you to become even better at what you’re doing.


As discussed throughout this blog, a blogging strategy can be life-changing for your business. Combined with a stellar digital marketing strategy and skillful use of marketing tools, you will reach your goals in no time.

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