When marketing departments and digital agencies work together, they have the potential to create incredibly successful campaigns that drive new business, secure new leads, and bolster brand awareness. So why are marketing departments often so hesitant to work with agencies?

Having been on both sides of the field, I’ve heard all the objections: Marketing departments are afraid to outsource work, sometimes due to insecurity about the value an agency will provide or because the amount of effort it takes to manage an agency relationship is too time-consuming. On the other hand, marketing departments that are open to working with an agency often run up against budgeting constrictions or the challenge of convincing decision-makers that an agency partnership is worth the investment.

But when a partnership between a marketing department and a digital agency works the way it should, the payoff is incredible. A successful digital campaign flows like a well-oiled machine and has the potential to produce dividends for years to come.

There are three fundamental reasons working with the right agency pays off in the long run:

1. Agencies Support (But Do Not Replace) Marketing Departments

Marketing heads need to consider which skills are most important to have on their team, which may include:

  • Digital advertising
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Social media management
  • Social media advertisement
  • Graphic design
  • Blog management
  • Writing for the web
  • Proofreading
  • Communication skills
  • Content creation and management
  • Project management
  • Email marketing
  • Data analytics
  • CRM software skills

However, finding someone with expertise in all of these areas is like finding a unicorn in a forest. And even if you do find a marketing unicorn, one person can only be so productive in a day. The workload will inevitably overtake even the most productive employee.

For most small to medium-sized marketing departments, it’s simply impossible to hire experts for everything. And that’s where an agency can help.

Agencies fill skill gaps on internal marketing teams. They provide a pool of talent from which businesses can call on from the strategy stage of a campaign to implementation. Because of the way agencies are structured, each member of the team specializes in their respective skill set. So when you need a PPC expert, you can rest assured that the individual at an agency working on your account is truly an expert.

But what about the cost of hiring those experts? Hiring an agency is just one more thing to add to your already strained marketing budget, right? That leads to our next point.

2. Agencies Help Keep Costs Low for Marketing Budgets

Many businesses (especially small businesses) would struggle to pay the salaries of a large internal marketing team. However, outsourcing some of the work takes the bulk of the pressure off of those salary concerns. Plus, if an agency partnership isn’t working out, it’s easy to cut ties and move onto another agency. This flexibility allows marketing departments to make critical decisions and move quickly when needed.

Additionally, agencies are able to justify the value they bring in return for their spot in your marketing budget. Agencies live and die by data. We know that if the numbers we report to the client aren’t hitting the goal, there’s a chance we may lose the client. Because of this, agencies’ top priority is always to move the numbers in the right direction. Depending on the client, that may mean keeping the CPA below a certain threshold. Or it could mean generating a certain number of sales below a specific price point. Whatever the metric, you’ll know based on the data if an agency is giving you the proper return on your money. This leads to the next point.

3. Agencies Work to Provide the Largest Return on Ad Dollars

As mentioned before, agencies are always looking at the data to get the best return for their client’s advertising budget. Optimizing campaigns is how agencies justify their place in your marketing department’s overall strategy. And with the advertising market expected to grow this year, you’ll want to make sure your ad dollars are handled wisely against increased competition.

You can also stay as on-top-of-things as you’re comfortable with. A good agency will provide you with monthly and sometimes weekly reports on where your campaigns stand. You’ll know exactly what kind of return you’re getting on your advertising initiatives at all times.

Working with Vuepoint Agency

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