When it comes to setting up and launching a website or digital campaign, professional project management is an investment in success. Without it, a project can easily go off course, costing more money and wasting precious time trying to correct mistakes. Having a strong project manager at the helm from the beginning provides real value for your business. Here’s how:

1. Successful project management supports your business goals.

Your digital marketing should be part of a larger plan. Lead generation, e-commerce marketing, and brand awareness don’t mean much if they aren’t strategically supporting your overall business goals. This is where an experienced project manager can help.

According to research by the Project Management Institute (PMI), companies that align individual projects with overall business strategy are 3X more likely to meet or exceed their target ROI. They’re also 1.6X more likely to achieve project objectives. With this in mind, a strong project manager implements a “values mindset,” ensuring that the success of the project directly translates to the success of your business.

When done right, project management creates value for your company, connecting marketing goals to business goals, and structuring projects in a way that moves the company forward.

2. Project managers provide stability and organization on multi-faceted projects.

Nothing throws a project off course faster than poor organization. Without proper leadership, even the best laid plans fall apart as the project’s allocated time, scope, and budget are disregarded.

A strong project manager provides much-needed stability as multiple aspects of the project come together. When it comes to your digital marketing campaign, a good project manager will:

  • Ensure the platforms where your ads will be managed are set up properly
  • Ensure that tracking, analytics, and reporting are all in place
  • Make sure your ads and any corresponding landing pages match the look and tone of  your brand
  • Seek your input and provide recommendations on targeting (geo-locations, demographics, keywords, etc.)
  • Reach out to you for approval of assets at all necessary steps of the process
  • Make sure the campaign launches on time and according to budget (ad spend)

Launching a digital campaign requires many factors coming together at the right time. Having a project manager to pull it all together takes much of the stress out of the equation.

3. Project managers create roadmaps and execute plans.

Whatever your digital marketing goals may be, a project manager will take your “big picture” ideas and create a detailed, written plan. This plan will include preparation steps (i.e. keyword research, brainstorming sessions, etc.), actionable tasks, realistic deadlines, approval stages for you to review assets as they’re built out, and so much more.

One of Vuepoint’s recent projects included several different tactics. The work included two Facebook/Instagram Ad Campaigns, Social Media Management, SEO Blogging, and more. Using the Network Diagram below, we tasked out all necessary steps to successfully complete the project.

Project Management Network Diagram

4. You can expect to save money by avoiding the cost of a failed project.

According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), nearly 9.9% of every dollar a business spends is wasted due to poor project management. (That comes out to about $1 million lost by organizations around the globe every 20 seconds. YIKES.)

Even if a project doesn’t fail outright, you could still lose money via inefficiencies. A study by software firm Geneca found that 80% of business and IT executive survey respondents admitted to spending at least half of their time on rework. Inefficiency not only costs your company money, but also impacts deadlines all the way down the work line.

Your cash flow is too important to waste on a mismanaged project. An often-touted (and understandable) reluctance to engaging an outside agency is the additional line item in your budget. But what many business owners fail to calculate is the amount of money that will be lost should the project veer off track. More often than not, the money saved by hiring a professional agency—one with real experience handling digital campaigns—outweighs the alternative.

5. Project managers see both big picture strategy and individual tactics.

With their hands in all aspects of the project, project managers can see the big picture and the minute details. They think in terms of both strategy (overarching goals and business plans) and tactics (individual action items and deliverables).

This 360 degree view of your project allows your project manager a perspective from which to easily spot workflows that may be off track, assets that don’t adhere to project guidelines or your brand, and much more. Most importantly, project managers have the perspective and ability to correct course if needed. As part of their role, they mitigate inefficiencies and keep costs down wherever possible.

6. Successful project management delivers quality results.

A project manager’s primary goal is to help you achieve your goals. Project managers know they’re evaluated based on the success of the projects they manage. This is why they spend so much time in the planning stage and continually check in on the many different workflows of a project. They want to meet, if not exceed, your expectations.

This also takes stress off of you. With the ongoing leadership of a project manager, you can rest easy knowing you have continual oversight and quality control in place.

Is it time for your business to invest in digital marketing project management?

Whether you’re launching a digital marketing campaign for the first time or re-launching your website (or anything in between), hiring an agency to manage your project is an investment in success. Vuepoint can help you brainstorm, build, and launch a successful project. To chat with our team on how we can help, contact us here, or give us a call at (210) 858-7295.