One of the many tactics marketing agencies utilize with client accounts, is leveraging the power of Promotion Extensions with Google Campaigns. 

Promotion extensions are a feature in Google Ads that lets you add additional information to a search or shopping ad, about a specific offer that will be relevant to your potential customer. Promotion extensions are mostly used when running eCommerce campaigns with google ads.

So you might ask; what do promotion extensions look like?

Let’s take a look at an example of a promotion extension from “Giving Assistant” –

Under the search results, in the red box highlighted, you can see “Giving Assistant” is running a promotion showing the discount and total available discounts remaining.

When can a Promotion Extension be used?

As mentioned above, promotion extensions are mostly used with eCommerce products, however not limited to this category; they can be utilized in any type of business including service-based businesses.

In addition, promotion extensions can be best used during common retail holidays or sales events such as Valentine’s Day, New Year, Presidents Day, Labor Day, and so on.

How effective are Promotion Extensions?

Of course, having an incredible offer is the number one importance of any promotion and without a solid offer, the success of any promotion is limited. However, based on our experience here at Vuepoint, we’ve seen tremendous success leveraging promotion extensions. 

To quantify the type of lift we see, we’re going to use one of our campaigns as an example. This campaign was built around a supplement product. After running an offer for the period of September 2021, here were our results:
Total Conversion = 11, Conversions from Promotion Extension = 7, ROAS = 3.44

As you can see, our promotion extension consisted of +63% of total sales generated from running a 30-day campaign around a discount offer.

Overall, we strongly believe in this tactic and use it every time we get a chance. This is definitely on our best practices list of google campaigns.

Let us guide you

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