Social Media has become one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience, no matter what industry you’re focused on. Whether your company is selling consumer goods or delivering a service, it is imperative to build up a social media presence to share your content.

Restaurants have been one of the most prominent industries to utilize social media tools to garner attention of new and loyal customers. By sharing glimpses of their dishes, promotions, and even location, individuals are able to get a preview of what to expect if they visit said restaurant.

Through the following blog, we share some top tips to keep in mind when it comes to restaurant social media marketing. 

Be consistent 

As with any industry, it is important to practice consistency when it comes to marketing a restaurant. Not only does posting regularly help with the algorithm and displays your content on more feeds, but it sparks recognition from consumers. Social media has become a great way amplify the resourcefulness of marketing, by allowing you to:

    • Share food and menu highlights going on in your restaurant
    • Answer questions and communicate with potential and loyal customers
    • Increase the professionalism of your restaurant 
    • Establish a comparative advantage over other competitors. 

By being consistent and having a well-established social calendar, you’re honing into the above objectives.  

For our client, J-Prime Steakhouse, posting is done on a regularly basis by alternating between posting dates, times, and topics.


Invest in quality photography 

In actuality, you want to make your restaurant page as “Instagrammable” as possible. Yes, that’s a term! Basically, as a business you’re prioritizing the aesthetic appeal behind your brand and focusing on sharing the highest-quality images as possible, which will then attract more users into your page, and effectively, into your restaurant. 

It has been tested-out through countless research that costumers “eat with their eyes,” meaning that if they like what they see on your social page, they’ll be eager to pay you a visit.

Captivate your audience with quality content 

It has become routinely for people to search for a restaurant on social before even heading out to eat. Social Media Today shares that 30% of millennials will avoid restaurants that have a weak social presence.  Users are looking for pages that share accurate images of their food and drink, highlight their location, and give you an easier time deciding what to get.

In this example, you can see the transformation for J-Prime Steakhouse, and how their new social presence focuses on mixing up their food, drinks, and lifestyle component. Previously, too much was being showcased and there was not that much established consistency. 

Engagement is KEY 

As a part of a successful restaurant social media marketing strategy, you want to share content that generates the highest number of engagements from your followers. Engagement is anything from comments, likes, shares, reposts, etc.  Basically, you want for your followers to interact with the content you are sharing and, essentially, get to even more social feeds and reach more people.

The type of photography you use + the posting consistency come into play when it comes to engagement, but so does the posting themes of topics in your social strategy.  Posting themes vary depending on who your target market is, what your brand standards are, and what your aesthetic goals consist of. Some examples of content you can incorporate into your strategy can be: 

    • Behind-the-scenes images
    • Menu Items
    • Drink Photos
    • Location Images
    • Menu Posts 
    • Holiday Photos (not only national holidays, but food-related holidays count too!)
    • User-Generated Content (images shared by your customers) 
    • Staff Photos 

Make good use of all social tools 

Social Media is constantly changing and coming up with an array of tools that allow for businesses to produce even more user-friendly content on their pages. From reels, to IGTV, stories to highlights, there’s so much to choose from in terms of social tools.

For your restaurant’s marketing, picking what tools to use depends on your budget, time-capabilities, production options, etc. A great way to start is by creating highlights to store all of your story content, and maybe even coming up with a “guide” to put UGC photos, menu items, etc! 

Want to boost your social media to the next level? 

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