In the blink of an eye, we’ve hit quarter 4 of 2021, and with that comes time for social media holiday marketing. October, November, and December are celebration-filled months with lots of opportunities to highlight fun and festive content in your social feeds, regardless of your type of business.

Through the following blog, we share some insightful tips to keep in mind when planning holiday-focused social media content to share with your audience. 

Plan Content Ahead 

A great tip to implement is creating editorial calendars that encompass all of quarter four, meaning the holiday season for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. This will give you enough time to plan out different elements you want to include such as holiday colors, themed photos, or special events. Some things to keep in mind:

    • Your Brand Voice: If your brand is a lot more serious and the only way to imply holiday or fall-related content is through small elements such as colors or imagery, account for this. On the contrary, if your brand is fun and modern you can play off of relevant trends and add these into your strategy. 
    • Your Brand Colors: You can do one of two things. 1) Keep your brand colors and just incorporate holiday icons and emoticons in those colors, or 2) Add holiday colors into your feed and posts even if it deviates from your brand. This depends majorly on whether your brand has to look more polished on social or not.
    • Your Audience: If, just like with brand voice, your audience is more poised and won’t like too much holiday content flooding their social media, try to keep this in mind. Showcasing what you have in common with your audience is a great way for your brand to humanize and create a better relationship with your current and future clients and followers.
    • Your Company Culture: If your company is extra and holiday-loving, keep your feed as festive as you can! At Vuepoint, for example, we love to create fun and over-the-top posts that highlight our personalities and what the business encompasses. 

Look for Inspiration 

The best ideas often come when brainstorming, or looking for inspiration. When searching for inspo, you might get inspired with a twist, and give it your own brand identity. Some of the most common places to browse for ideas include other brands’ social feeds, Youtube, or Pinterest boards. Google is, of course, always a great source, but can sometimes be too hard to narrow down when you’re looking for a niche. 

We found a great article that shares examples from top 20 brands on their fall and holiday marketing.  When creating social content, looking at past types of content is great to see what you like, dislike, and what you want to expand on.  Whether it is Starbucks’  in-person decorations or Avis’ fall-inspired photography, you’ll definitely get some ideas on what to tackle. 

Give the holidays a unique twist 

As mentioned above, a personal favorite at our agency are Q4 holidays. All the way from October to December, we are engaging in fun culture-based activities that help us celebrate even if it’s remotely. Some of past examples of our holiday-tailored content include. 

    • Halloween: Coming up with a theme or costume for all of us to “dress-up as” and share on our social feeds. Last year, we recreated popular memes and each “dressed-up” as one. This year, we picked a group theme and our designer is putting a graphic costume together! This is a fun way for all of us to participate virtually and add a holiday twist to our feed. 
      • Another way to add the Halloween spirit into our social media and work environment was alternating between fall-Halloween-related backgrounds during our daily Zoom meetings! 
    • Thanksgiving: Another team favorite is Thanksgiving. A good example is how we “virtually-celebrated” by adding different VP-branded items such as laptops and phones into a true Thanksgiving classic image.
      • To also make it more special, each team member shared an image with a post-it referencing something they were thankful for that year. It adds an emotional aspect to the post. 
    • Christmas: In 2020 we kept the Vuepoint branding alive while adding Christmas spirit to our social. With VP Blue-colored hats, we created a fun Christmas post that followed our feed. 
  • holidays post
    • New Year’s: Also in true-Vuepoint spirit (Again, keeping your brand voice and company culture present is a must) we shared multiple yearly highlights for the new year + kept it on brand with appropriate colors! 

Don’t Overdo It 

Finally, the best tip we can give you is to keep it sweet but not overdo it! If you go overboard and share way too many holiday posts (even if you want to be festive) you might saturate your audience and lose some valuable engagement! 

Let us take over in 2022 

Need help pushing the envelope for your social media content in the upcoming year? We’re here to help! Contact us with your vision and inquiries, and we’ll take it from there.