Managing a brand’s social media involves much more than some might think. From staying up-to-date with the latest trends, trying to incorporate multiple social platforms, and planning every month’s editorial calendar, there’s more than meets the eye (or the feed). 

Due to all of these ongoing tasks, social media scheduling platforms have become content strategists and brand managers’ best friends. Having the ability to schedule posts allows for more flexibility in other areas of the field. With so many scheduling tool options out there, we wanted to recommend our top choices and explain some of the pros and cons behind them. 


Price = Customizable plans starting at $15 a month for one social set. 

Later is one of our team’s favorite social scheduling tools. Not only is its interface pretty easy to navigate, but it allows you to integrate multiple social platforms.  Through Later, you can schedule posts on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn (recently added).  You’re able to see a wide visual of your feed, recommended posting times, and even add your top scheduling times.

  • Lets you save media in their media library. 
  • Pretty good analytics capabilities for Instagram (not for Facebook). 
  • Allows you to generate hashtags and save them into separate lists. 
  • It’s integrated to, which allows for easier engagement from users coming from Instagram. 
  • Does not let you “bulk” upload content.
  • You cannot schedule content including GIFS, and for Instagram, you can’t schedule a carousel that includes a video. 
  • For platforms other than Instagram (Facebook, Twitter) makes you select an image in order to schedule a post. 


Price = Plans starting at $49 a month, including a 30-day free trial.

Another really popular scheduling tool is Hootsuite. It is one of the older options as well, having been around for many years and hosting more than 15 million users. Mostly, it is used by really large enterprise-level agencies who are looking for a platform that allows them to include many accounts.  As opposed to Later, it is a lot more complex to use. 

  • Comes with reporting features that can be easily customized based on your preferred metrics.
  • Includes a very user-friendly dashboard that allows you to monitor audience specifics for all your social accounts. 
  • Holds more than 150 different apps to connect to.
  • A lot more expensive than other competitors, making it too pricey for smaller agencies or entrepreneur brands.
  • Although it does include many different analytics and reporting features, all of these have to be paid as additional services and make the platform even more expensive. 


Price = FREE plans for up to three channels, with bigger agency options ranging to $100 a month. 

Buffer is a great scheduling tool for brands that are starting up or are not very familiar with how these tools work. With its free plan options, users love it! You’re able to integrate it with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

  • Includes a WordPress and Chrome integration for users needing it through those platforms.
  • Makes it a breeze to schedule posts on every different platform. 
  • Extremely easy to navigate, often chosen because it’s user-friendly. 
  • Known for its great customer service.
  • The best option for smaller brands. 
  • Analytics tools are not included in the free versions, so users have to rely on social media platform analytics only. If you want to get analytics, Buffer Reply and Buffer Analyze are available at a separate cost. 
  • Does not include TikTok under supported platforms, which is one of the most popular social media platforms currently. 

Sprout Social 

Price = Starts at $100 a month, also includes a free trial. 

Sprout Social is known for its similarities to Hootsuite, however, it is a lot more complex and typically used by larger corporate brands. The scheduling tool includes features such as analytics, reports, smart inbox, and more. It’s supported by Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

  • Great options for collaborative tools, ideal for bigger teams.
  • Something that none of the other platforms mentioned supports Facebook messenger. Sprout Social allows to set up and manage chatbots on Messenger.
  • Features integrations for tools such as Hubspot and UserVoice for evaluating overall social media performance.
  • Also pretty expensive compared to options like Later or Buffer, and it also charges additional fees for every team member included.
  • It is not integrated with visual platforms such as TikTok or Youtube (which is not ideal, especially at its high cost). 

Want to improve your social media marketing? 

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