As Q4 of 2021 quickly approaches, it is imperative to stay up-to-date with the latest social media trends that could help boost your brand’s social strategy. From popular tactics to expert predictions, there’s a lot to help you plan out your 2022 strategy. 

Through the following blog, we share some top social media trends to keep in mind. 

Video Will Continue To Be Top-Engagement 

Hubspot, a leader in Inbound Marketing, shares that 2022 foresees video content to continue being on top. Ever since early 2020, it was found that video had become the most commonly used type of marketing content, and was up as the second with the most engagement. This will not change (and probably increase) as the new year approaches.

With top social platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter, increasing their video capabilities (on stories, reels, etc.) content creators and brands can anticipate more video consumption amidst consumers. 

E-Commerce on Social is Key 

Another big trend that has arisen in the past has been the incorporation of shopping capabilities on top social platforms. Now, you can go in and make a purchase directly on Instagram, Facebook, and even WhatsApp. In the upcoming months, we can expect to see even more development of e-commerce. Just Facebook, for instance, is investing heavily in branching out with Facebook Pay and simplifying their one-click purchasing options to make life easier for all consumers. 

People follow brands to learn more about products

Now, brands don’t just have to focus on creating aesthetically appealing social feeds but prioritize this nice visual content still showcasing important info about their products. It was found that “57% of consumers are hoping to learn about new products and services from a brand’s social feed.” This means that as a brand, you have to prioritize sharing insights on what your product or service entails, and how it can benefit the prospective consumer.

The era of simple nice pictures has sailed, and now, it’s important to produce informative content that helps you land the right leads. 

Influencers are rising 

Not surprisingly, Influencers will continue to dominate all social platforms. With Instagram and TikTok producing influencers with thousands to millions of followers, brands have to prioritize incorporating them into social media. 

Influencers will become critical in not just business-to-consumer markets, but business-to-business as well. Currently, just 89% of B2B marketers use social media to share content with their audiences, but only 24% influencers as part of their strategy. In the near future, these internet personas will rise and become important even in B2B social marketing. 

Customer Service is Key

Another big social media trend that’s emerging is the importance of your social’s customer service. According to Sprout Social, 49% of consumers say that they unfollow brands that have poor customer service. This number is pretty high and indicates that social marketers can’t risk having negative feedback from their social followers. 

Having someone in charge of responding to comments and DMs, answering questions, and helping solve any potential issues, is a must for any current social feed. If this is not something that your strategy holds now, it’s time to prioritize it. 

Social Ads Will Become Bigger 

In the coming year, social media ads will continue to increase in effectiveness and popularity. Stats show that social ads have become more compelling because of how social networks leverage user information, such as browsing habits or demographics, to help provide them with advertisements that will actually speak to them and make them purchase.

With all of these new data capabilities allowing for this to happen, it’s important to keep an eye out for what social ads to put out. 

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