Agencies, freelancers, DIY web tools, and that high school kid who lives across the street from you – what do they all have in common? Apparently, they all build websites.

So, how do you determine what’s best for you and your business with so much disparity in skill and pricing? The best strategy is to compare each in the following areas:

  • Experience
  • Process
  • Team
  • Capabilities
  • Marketing IQ

Seeing how they stack up against each other in each of these categories will help ensure you’ll get exactly what you want and need for your business’ home on the world wide web. Your website should be more than just a pretty face, it needs a personality to reel them in. You’ll need clever marketing to not only get potential customers/clients to your website, but also a well thought out page that gets them to take action when they get arrive. And that’s the Vuepoint web development difference. We deliver beauty and brains when it comes to your web design.

Integrated Marketing – Powerful Synergy from all your Marketing Efforts

All roads may no longer lead to Rome but all of your marketing efforts whether on or offline should lead to your website. Done correctly, your website will know where your visitors are coming from and greet them appropriately with a call-to-action. Additionally, it should capture visitor information that can be used to follow up for continued engagement with your consumers. Picture a beautifully engineered, digital highway connecting all aspects of your business, marketing, consumers, sales, and desired outcomes in a highly efficient way. Anything less is just a unnoticed business card pinned at your local coffee shop.

Review Card + Website

Actionable print piece encourages patients to leave reviews on various platforms


Campaign Landing Page

Campaign landing page allows the visitor to request a consultation


Digital Campaigns – Beef Up your Website Traffic & Convert!

Ahh, a shiny new website with that new website smell. Stop smelling, and start thinking about things like search engine optimization, Google Adwords campaigns, Facebook advertising, and even email campaigns. It’s the logical next step, but it’s one that can end in less than stellar results if your website wasn’t built with these tactics in mind. With each new web project we tackle, we gaze into our crystal ball and envision how these advanced tactics will work harmoniously with your website to capture new traffic and leads to gain your desired outcome with measurable results. There’s a whole lot more to it than just adding a campaign to a website. A well-built website can help you shoot higher into search rankings faster than the competition. With the proper know-how, your Adwords campaign will cost you less, effectively allowing the dollars you spend to go farther! Facebook and email campaigns will fall flat without a digitally savvy team that knows how to build a powerful digital sales funnel. What we’re getting at is, we are that team!

Facebook Static Ads for Sugar Packed Campaign

Sugar Packed Campaign Facebook Ads target a specific audience based on age



Campaign engagement received from SAHCC Fiesta Selfie Medal.


Website Analytics – The Numbers Say it All

You’ve got a great looking site that’s integrated into all your marketing efforts, and you’ve kicked off a couple of spiffy campaigns. You’re on top of the world! But are they working? How do you know? How do you improve your results? Analytics, of course. But if you’re like most and have ever taken a peek at Google Analytics, it might as well be hieroglyphics. We’re not Egyptians, but we sure know what makes the internet gods happy when it comes to building a website that will attract traffic and leads, all while keeping your bottom line happy!

DWI Lawyer SEO Traffic

Traffic increase to website due to organic and paid search campaigns


Paid Search Campaign Results

Traffic and statistics from first two months of PPC campaign tied to custom landing page with “Request Consultation” form


There’s more to a website than what you see on the surface. A well-rounded website communicates effectively through design and content, functions flawlessly on a technical level and ultimately works hard for your business by bringing you leads. While it may be tempting to do a simple cost comparison, a website can actually be an investment more than pays for itself. Contact us today to create a website that truly works hard for you and your business.

See the Vuepoint web development difference we created for University Hospital’s pediatric trauma campaign.

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