With 2021 off to a quick start, it’s crucial to be aware of all important trends going on in the marketing industry. As a marketer, you want to keep an eye out for the ever-changing ambiance of the marketing realm, and always keep into consideration what your audience is seeking.

Throughout the following blog, we share some key trends to look out for as you continue shaping your 2021 marketing strategy.

The Use of Video

In 2020, so much time was spent at home that it resulted in the surge of video platforms as a top content type for online users. TikTok grew exponentially, and soon after Instagram launched its new “Reels” capability, which offers the same value proposition as the video phenomenon.  In 2021, the phase of video won’t go away, instead, it has become a necessary way for your marketing to stay relevant.

Not only have videos become the top preferred type of content by the masses (over 50% of social media users prefer to engage with video content, as mentioned in SproutSocial’s index), but according to podcast host and business-expert, Franc Canete, it has also highly been characterized by the preference for shorter video content. Social media users enjoy engaging, yet short and informative, video content that they get something out of.

As a marketer, you MUST learn to navigate the top-video platforms mentioned above, and mix it within your regularly scheduled content for a peak in engagement.

Make it Personal

No matter what type of content you put out there, you have to prioritize making it relatable and personal. Relationship marketing has grown to be one of the top trends projected for 2021, highlighting how brands and businesses must establish a connection with every one of the users they target.

After almost a year spent in a global pandemic, the world’s purchasing patterns have shifted and become poignant on spending on only necessary items. This is why it’s so important to make your marketing personal, as a way of appealing to your audience and resonating with their wants and needs.

Anna Willems, Marketing Director at Mention, stresses the fact that “Your audience is made of individuals, keep that in mind with every form of communication,” which is crucial when coming up with any time of messaging whether it is for Social Media or collateral marketing materials.

The Importance of Customer Service

Going off the importance of personal connections with brands, your customer service must be impeccable in every shape or form. With 49% of consumers saying they’ll unfollow brands or companies that have poor customer service, you must recognize the relevance of proper training for your team.

As a marketing team, you want to ensure your customer service is well-trained to answer any questions in a politely and engagingly, which represents your brand personality and values in every shape and form. By showcasing how much you care for your community, you’ll keep them hanging on tight through your every move.

Creating Conscious Content

Finally, a final trend to keep an eye out for is the attention on creating conscious content. Users don’t want to keep up with your brand because of its nice colors or image, but they want to engage with you if you’re producing content and products that have a positive impact on the world and your community.

According to Social Media Today, 79% of Gen Zers surveyed globally said that the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in wanting to make them reduce their environmental impact.  As a business, you want to contribute to lowering this environmental impact and creating a brand that cares deeply for the well-being of their community and the world overall. You want to be bold, engaging, but 100% committed to being the best brand version you can be.

Need help putting these trends into place?

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