Like most businesses, you’re probably searching for the most efficient way to maximize exposure, gain leads, and increase conversions. Digital advertising is an extremely efficient tool to achieve all these things, but often not fully understood. The Vuepoint team has the experience to help you achieve your goals through the use of digital advertising.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Advertising – The Speedway to Success

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a common form of advertising on the web. With PPC advertising, your ads can show in relevant places like search results or web pages. This type of advertising, when executed properly, is a quick win that yields fast results.

When considering doing PPC/Paid Search, keep this is mind— people are already searching for your product or service, and we know just how to find them. Imagine, at any given moment, someone is out there “Googling” your exact product or service, but without a related ad to stop them in their tracks, an untapped number of consumers aren’t able to connect with you. PPC is like a dating site, matching you with your perfect customer… only you’re getting matched with a lot more than one.

With unparalleled paid advertising strategies, our team is able to get you in front of your target audience at just the right time. It’s all about the targeting, baby! With PPC, your business has the potential to get unlimited exposure. When your ad is shown on Google or affiliated websites, it has the ability to reach new audiences and turn those, once strangers, into loyal customers. While our team runs your paid ads, we can also make adjustments, provide insights based on analytics, and continue to get the most bang for your buck, all in real-time.

Four Steps to Being Accessible with Paid Search Ads – Vuepoint’s Approach to Getting Clients Results

Step 1: Identify Goals

We like to start the process with a strategic meeting to determine your goals and objectives. By getting to know you and your goals on a deeper level, we can better craft a winning campaign. Our team will work with you to establish the objectives you need to achieve from digital advertising. We offer valuable insight and work together to achieve our clients’ goals. 

Step 2: Research

Depending on the goals discussed, our team will get started on researching the best ways to deliver those results and get you connected. Answering a few of our questions help us to determine consumers’ search habits and is essential for narrowing in on the target audience. Through these endeavors, we’ll identify highly relevant keywords, locations to target, and demographic that make sense. We can then implement these as needed to build maximum exposure for your business.

To keep our clients ahead of the game, we’ll run a competitive analysis to see what their competition is doing on the digital paid side; what keywords they are bidding on, how much they are spending, how much the keywords cost, and if the price is fair. Not to mention, we also help businesses find strategic ways to make your dollars go further.

Step 3: Execution

With a clearly outlined strategy document, our team puts together an actionable plan. In order to capitalize on our paid search advertising strategies, we will create text or image advertisements and corresponding landing pages that emphasize important keywords we recommend bidding on. Vuepoint is skilled in the art of determining ad placement and will ensure our clients’ businesses do not go unnoticed. Soon, your ads will begin showing up for highly searched for keywords. The end goal is to show the consumer exactly what they were looking for, because search satisfaction leads to business transactions.

Step 4: Provide Recommendations

Once the PPC/Paid Search is in motion, the Vuepoint team will create monthly reports to keep our clients updated on the campaign’s performance. These reports provide a clear picture on the impact on both their business and consumers. Each month, we’ll be able to determine where we were successful, where we can improve, and what our next steps should be.

Start Your Path to Profits

As you can see, PPC is an effective way to help businesses maintain their online relevance in a market where trends are constantly fluctuating. While PPC is a deep and expansive subject that easily extends beyond what can be explained in a single blog post, fret not, you’ve got a team of experts ready to help. Vuepoint has the experience, knowledge, and talent to maximize your profits and help your business grow.

But don’t just take our word for it, check out our paid advertising campaigns for yourself:

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