We know that as a business owner, you’ve got your hands full most of the time. The responsibility of running any business or organization can make it tough to maintain the quality of your brand presence on social media, let alone, make it profit for you. In order to effectively manage your social media accounts, you really need to dedicate a heavy amount of time and attention to it. Fortunately, you have a team of experts ready to save your online presence and give it new life!

Integrated Marketing – Powerful Synergy Across All Platforms

With so many social media users and platforms, integrated marketing is becoming a necessity to engage with your audience. Each of these platforms act as mini soapboxes that allow us to funnel all marketing efforts towards your predetermined goal. Through the use of effective calls-to-action; both online and offline, this digital marketing approach creates a strong web presence that takes your audience by the hand and guides them into becoming loyal followers. If you’re looking to increase your web traffic, foot traffic, awareness, or engagement with your audience, social media is an infinite way of communication.

Picture a beautifully engineered, digital highway free-flowing with all aspects of your business, marketing, consumers, sales, and desired outcomes. Creating this highway of traffic builds a connection with your audience across multiple forums that all funnel toward your main goal—conversions. Anything less is an lonely, overlooked business card pinned at your local coffee shop.

Our Expertise – How We Get You to Social Media Stardom

How do we do blast you off into stardom? It all starts with a plan. Before we publish that first Facebook post, we have a discussion and create a strategic approach to your social media platforms in order to maximize our efforts.

Vuepoint is comprised of a team of individuals, each a skilled master of their craft. It’s definitely not our first rodeo. Our digital analyst researches your market to determine your company’s target audience and what social platforms they use. We develop the tone, purpose, budget, and frequency of your posts. With that in mind, our copywriter creates engaging content that demands the attention of that target audience. From there, custom images are created by our graphic designer to strengthen the post’s aesthetic appeal while creating a cohesive brand look. With all prep completed, the posts go through an internal review process where we triple check for any errors or areas we can improve on. We’re a well-oiled machine.

Upon approval, it’s time to schedule your posts! You may be surprised to find out that posts we create can be scheduled months in advance. Getting a jump-start on your social media postings is a great way to ensure a strong foundation of quality content. And as far as specific campaigns or other business happenings, we’ve got you covered. We’re ready to plug those in without hindering the steady flow of content. You’ll stand back, look at your pages and see that they’re alive again!

Types of Posts – Organic, Paid, and Sponsored, Oh My!

In order to create relevant and engaging posts for your company, it’s crucial to determine what your goals are. If you’re looking to make connections with your audience on a casual, regular basis to remind them you’re always there for them, we like to do organic posting. Organic posts are a simple way to get in touch with your customers while continuing to build your following. These types of posts are especially useful for humanizing your company and shaping your brand.

If you’re looking to see immediate results, reach new audiences, or spread mass awareness, paid posts are the way to go. Our team will work with you to manage a monthly budget to extend your reach beyond your current followers. We’ll create ads on your social media platforms that promote your event, offer, new product, or big announcement. Paid posts are great for getting immediate action, from creating buzz about a new service to selling tickets to an event.

If you have an event or promotion you’d like to highlight, we’re more than ready to craft a custom campaign! Campaigns can be a mix of both organic and paid posts over a set time period. Often times, we create posts with related messages and send them out across all of your social media platforms, as well as related online platforms, like your website, landing page, or email lists. When everything is running at once, it creates cohesive message and spurs engagement with your audiences. (We like to integrate, remember?) Our multi-channel campaigns are sure to draw the attention of your audience and build your following.

At the end of the day, managing social media is about connecting with your audience so that you can talk to them and with them. It gives you the opportunity to make that sale or gain a member. Consistency is key with social media. Keep it up and your following will grow, along with your business. We work eagerly day in and day out to get your platforms where they need to be, and we have to say, we’re pretty damn good at it. In the ever-changing world of social media, utilizing our team is the best way to gain the advantage over your competition. Does it matter that we’re young, personable, and grew up in the digital age? Not necessarily, but it definitely helps.