Amongst all other campaign objectives on Facebook, we have the “Reach” campaign objective. As defined by Facebook, this has the goal of showing your ads to the maximum number of people. However, from our experience, there’s a method to this and not just literal reach to a random audience. What we’ve come to understand with this objective is that Facebook gradually increases the reach to a new audience starting from an audience that’s highly likely to convert to your offer to audiences that might not necessarily have been categorized as having a high interest in your offer. 

Reach objective is rarely used by many possibly due to the need to want to get results and a return on ad spend right away but it could be very effective if used in the right scenario.


So you might ask: How do we use the Reach campaign objective?

Yes, we do use it and it’s always used in combination with other campaign objectives. Where it shines most is when used within the following scenarios:

  1. Evergreen omnipresent campaigns: This scenario is when there’s a business objective by the client to grow brand awareness and also get conversions for an offer. We always use this as a long-term strategy. The reach objective can be used in  combination with a conversion campaign objective. Clients with larger marketing budgets tend to align  with this strategy.

  2. Small business service campaigns: This scenario usually always comes up when a client is a small business offering services, where the  audience can be small and niche. Examples of business, in this case, are Service based like training, Consulting, high-end service providers, and so on. Again, in this case, the reach objective is utilized with a  conversion objective but our goal for the reach object is to make sure the client is almost always visible to  the audience.

And that’s pretty much it! 

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