At Vuepoint Creative, we are huge fans of WordPress. WordPress is a free, open source, content management system that allows anyone with little to no technical background manage a large and complex website. Not only is WordPress free, but WordPress is the most widely used content management system on the web, paid, free, or custom. WordPress is even more popular than all of its competitors, combined!

Many major companies use WordPress to power their websites. Some examples include the New York Times, Sony, Amnesty International, Vogue, ESPN, Forbes, and many more.

That’s great and all, but still doesn’t fully answer the question of why use WordPress, instead of a different “CMS.” What makes WordPress better than all of the others?

Ease of Management

The main reason to use WordPress is how easy it makes it to maintain a website of any size. WordPress has a simple dashboard and easy to use tools. If you know how to use a word processor, then you can add and update pages on a website. Yes, WordPress really is that easy. But not only is it easy to manage pages, but it’s easy to do so much more. Which leads us into the next reason of why to use WordPress.


WordPress plugins are extensions that are added to a website that give a WordPress website additional functionality. What each plugin does is extremely varied. WordPress plugins can be as simple as emailing people when someone replies to their comment, or as complex and extensive as a full featured eCommerce store.

Remember Apple’s “There’s an app for that” campaign from 2009? The same holds true for WordPress plugins. There are hundreds of millions of WordPress plugins available, both free and premium. So if you want your website to do something, there is almost a certainly a plugin for that.


We all know how important Google is to the web culture. Everyone uses search engines to find what they’re looking for. Getting to the top of Google results can be quite the challenge, especially for more competitive keywords and keyphrases. And while you can hire firms like Vuepoint Creative to optimize your site for the search engines, WordPress inherently works as a SEO powerhouse. Many of WordPress’ core features do wonders for a website’s rankings. And webmasters can even take things a step further by using any number of SEO plugins to take your website a step further.

Open Source and Growing

In this day and age, many powerful tools and resources are “open source.” Open source simply means anyone can help out and contribute. For example, Wikipedia is open source. The power of open source allowed Wikipedia to become the largest and most accurate encyclopedia in the world, in almost 300 languages – and it’s free! The same holds true for WordPress.

WordPress has a massive fanbase and thousands of people have helped make WordPress into what it is. This also means WordPress isn’t going to fall into disarray and stop being updated. As long as people are using WordPress, people will contribute to the WordPress project making it better and better.

So Much More

We’ve barely scratched the surface on what makes WordPress such an amazing Content Management System. From themes, to the community, to the services dedicated to WordPress, and so much more, WordPress really is the best Content Management System available.

We Use WordPress, You Should Too!

At Vuepoint Creative, we use WordPress for every site we can. It is simply that good.

If you like the sound of WordPress, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help you take your website to the next level.