J-Prime Steakhouse: Revamping Social Media with Video

28 – Distribution – Best Use of Video in Content Marketing

Our goal was to create refreshing and engaging video content to share on J-Prime Steakhouse’s social media channels. The client had never shared video on social media, so we focused on showcasing their luxurious style and exciting flavors that the JP experience offers. The video “reels’ campaign featured a mix of location, cocktails, menu, and celebration shots.

VIdeo & Photography by Danny Batista

Total campaign included over 15 videos. These are the top 5 most successful content pieces.

Link to videos

Relevant Stats

  • Combined reach of 21,093
  • Combined engagement of 1,142
    • Shares: 70
    • Likes: 1,036
    • Comments: 14
    • Saves: 22
  • Combined plays totaling to 21,849