Marketing/Promotion Campaign (103C – Digital Marketing)


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The goal of this digital marketing campaign was to increase the number of patients scheduling appointments with Allergy & ENT Associates while maintaining a cost per lead (CPL) at or below the industry standard of $37.71, as per the most recent data from Wordstream.

The client expressed a particular interest in promoting their Balloon Sinuplasty service, a minimally invasive, permanent procedure designed to alleviate recurring sinus issues, such as acute and chronic sinusitis, often triggered by allergies or common colds.

The Creative Process

Based on this directive, we crafted two distinct campaign types (Google Search and Google Display), which were further segmented into two ad groups. The first ad group was designed to target individuals specifically searching for Balloon Sinuplasty, while the second ad group was aimed at a broader audience seeking solutions for their allergy and asthma issues. The rationale behind the second ad group was to engage top-of-funnel patients based on their need for allergy-related treatment, thereby introducing them to Allergy & ENT Associates. Once these patients were “in the door,” the more permanent solution of Balloon Sinuplasty could be introduced as a potential treatment option, if appropriate for the patient.

All ads were configured as call-only, allowing leads to immediately contact Allergy & ENT Associates to schedule their appointment. However, for individuals seeking additional information before scheduling an appointment, we included ad links directing to a custom landing page. This page offered comprehensive details about Allergy & ENT Associates and details on the services they provide. Additionally, the landing page contains a submission form for visitors to request a call back, thereby capturing valuable contact information for Allergy & ENT Associates to follow up with the potential patient.

About Allergy & ENT Associates

Allergy & ENT Associates are the leading specialists in allergy, asthma, sinus, and audiology in Houston, TX. For over 60 years, they’ve served the Houston community by diagnosing and treating a wide range of ear, nose, and throat (ENT) issues. They currently have 18 convenient locations throughout the city.

The Results

OVERALL RESULTS (May 24 – July 23)

MONTH 1 RESULTS (May 24-June 23)

  • 71 calls
  • 57 answered calls
  • 53 first time calls (brand new patients)
  • Average call duration: 1 min 48 seconds
  • 1 form submission
  • Spend: $1,174.37
  • Cost per Lead (CPL): $16.31

MONTH 2 RESULTS (June 24-July 23)

  • 99 calls
  • 89 answered calls
  • 71 first time calls (brand new patients)
  • Average call duration: 2 mins 55 seconds
  • 1 form submission
  • Spend: $1,418.12
  • Cost per Lead (CPL): $14.18

The Cost Per Lead (CPL) for the overall campaign, spanning May 24th to July 23rd, is significantly lower than the industry standard of $37.71, currently sitting at an impressive $15.07.

The campaign demonstrated notable improvement from the first to the second month. The number of phone calls increased from 71 to 99, while the CPL decreased from $16.31 to $14.18. Furthermore, the average call duration also saw an increase, suggesting that the calls in the second month were more extensive and productive.