Marketing/Promotion Campaign (103C – Digital Marketing)


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Dallas Families:
Dallas Veterans:
San Antonio Families:
San Antonio Veterans:
Houston Families:
Houston Veterans:

Ad screenshots can be found here.

Goals & Creative Process

The objective of this campaign was to attract new clients to Girling through a tailored digital marketing strategy, specifically targeting Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston, TX. The client’s request was to focus on U.S. veterans, who may be eligible for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits to cover caregiving costs. Girling’s team is well-versed in assisting veterans in contacting the VA to apply for caregiving-specific benefits, understanding the application process, eligibility criteria, and documentation requirements. 

Many veterans and their families are unaware of the full range of benefits they are entitled to, including spousal benefits, which may cover some expenses of in-home care services like those offered by Girling. This makes access to Girling’s representatives highly valuable for these families.

The Strategy

We devised a strategy targeting two distinct audiences: veterans and their family members. Our team developed tailored content for custom landing page designs and Google Search ads addressing both veterans and their families. Post-launch findings indicated a higher response rate from family members, who often called on behalf of their veteran family members in need of assistance. In response, we refined the campaign to direct ads primarily toward family members.

We replicated the ads and landing pages for each of the three geographic targets (Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston). Each city’s campaign targeted slightly different but related keywords based on region-specific keyword research. The ads were set up to facilitate both phone calls via a custom tracking number and form submissions from the landing page for callback requests.

About Girling

Girling, a local brand under the umbrella of the national caregiving network Gentiva, offers a comprehensive suite of personal care services to families across Texas. Their compassionate caregivers provide in-home assistance, helping clients with daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, mobility, memory care, transportation to medical appointments, and more. They also offer respite for family caregivers. 

Girling offers flexible scheduling, with services available on an hourly basis or around the clock, and strives to accommodate language requirements whenever possible. All Girling caregivers are bonded, insured, and have passed rigorous background checks. By providing services in the comfort of the client’s home, Girling caregivers enable them to maintain their independence while receiving the necessary assistance in a familiar and secure environment.

Campaign Metrics

Launch date: Thursday, June 1, 2023.
Data through: Sunday, July 23, 2023.

OVERALL TOTALS (all three cities: Dallas, San Antonio, & Houston)


  • 82 calls
  • 79 answered calls
  • 65 first time calls
  • 79.27% first time call rate
  • Avg duration: 3 mins 10 sec
  • 28 form submissions
  • 110 total leads (calls + forms)
  • $23.65 cost per lead (calls + forms)


  • 93 calls
  • 91 answered calls
  • 78 first time calls
  • 83.87% first time call rate
  • Avg duration: 3 mins 48 sec
  • 29 form submissions
  • 122 total leads (calls + forms)
  • $20.98 cost per lead (calls + forms)


  • 65 calls
  • 61 answered calls
  • 52 first time calls
  • 80% first time call rate
  • Avg duration: 1 min 53 sec
  • 11 form submissions
  • 76 total leads (calls + forms)
  • $26.61 cost per lead (calls + forms)

It’s noteworthy that our campaigns’ cost per lead (CPL) overall in an all three cities is well under the industry standard of $66.02 (Source: Wordsteam’s Healthcare Search Advertising Benchmarks for 2023). In fact, in every category, it’s less than half of that specific benchmark.