The latest San Antonio Luxury Home Magazine full spread ad for our client, The Rustic Gallery. Shout out to Siggi Ragnar for his help. It wouldn’t have been a success without his beautiful photography!

It’s always a pleasure to work with another creative force in San Antonio. Siggi had some great ideas, and with his expertise it was a pleasure really collaborating with him, to get the best shots for our client’s print piece.

Now, in true Vuepoint fashion, this is more than a print piece. This is a targeted campaign that offers potential and current Rustic Gallery customers a discount, from a custom built landing page that is integrated with Campaign Monitor (our preferred email campaign tool). When a user views the print piece in Luxury Home Magazine, they are prompted to go to the landing page, which asks for their name and email address. They are immediately sent an email with a personal printable discount code they can use in store.

The custom landing page is a quick responsive web design specifically for The Rustic Gallery San Antonio.

The beauty here is the incentive and our ability to track EVERYTHING. Since the landing page is only accessible via directly typing in the url in the browser, and you can’t get to it, or even know about the page from The Rustic Gallery’s website navigation, we can directly track all users that get to the page.

The incentive gets new customers and current customers interested, makes them provide their email address in exchange for the incentive, and now The Rustic Gallery can continue to advertise to those customers directly via email throughout the year. It’s a beautiful thing, and just one of the many tools we use for all of our clients.