387 Workshop Registrations for Forde-Ferrier


Education products company, Forde-Ferrier LLC, secured over 380 workshop attendees at a cost of just $1.52 per registration by way of a Vuepoint managed social media campaign.

Forde-Ferrier is an educational company, bases in Texas, that provides a range of resources for educators, including professional development workshops and workbooks. The company wanted to increase attendance at their workshops and reached out to Vuepoint for assistance.

Key Metrics


Workshop Registrations


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Why Vuepoint?

Forde-Ferrier needed to increase attendance at their workshops while keeping costs low.  Vuepoint’s expertise in social media marketing and proven track record of driving leads and conversions, made us the perfect fit for the project.


Our strategy focused on a social media boosted post campaign that targeted educators in the local community and nearby border cities in Texas. To ensure the success of our social media campaign, we developed a strategy that focused on targeting educators in the Laredo and McAllen areas. We utilized Facebook to reach users who were interested in education and professional development, as well as those who were affiliated with schools and educational institutions in the area. By focusing on these specific audiences and creating visually appealing and informative ads, we were able to achieve a high number of signups at a low cost per registration.


  • Increase workshop attendance
  • Lower cost per registration
  • Improve visibility in the local community in Texas

The Ads

We created eight different boosted ads, four per location, that included graphics and videos to showcase the benefits of attending the workshops. Each post included detailed information on the events, subject dates, sign up details, location, and more. 

Our social media campaign utilized targeted messaging and visually appealing graphics and videos to encourage educators to sign up for the workshops. We highlighted the benefits of attending the workshops and included testimonials from previous attendees.


The boosted campaign resulted in a significant increase in workshop registrations for Forde-Ferrier. Over 380 workshop attendees were secured at a cost of just $1.52 per registration. The total reach of the campaign was 83,079 and we received 866 total sign-up link clicks. The average cost per click was $0.56.

We were able to secure registrations in each of the subject areas, including 118 for Writing, 96 for Math, 136 for Reading, and 37 for Science. Our campaign helped Forde-Ferrier improve their visibility in the local community and nearby border cities in Texas, and we exceeded their goal of getting signups at the lowest cost possible.

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