796 Leads in Four Months for In-Home Caregiving Group


When Girling Personal Care decided to serve more veterans in need of their in-home caregiving services, they understood the unique challenges of reaching this specific group. Believing in the power of a well-executed digital marketing campaign, they teamed up with Vuepoint Agency, and the results were positive!







Why Vuepoint?

With Vuepoint’s long history of crafting successful PPC campaigns, especially for healthcare clients, we were the ideal choice for Girling’s digital marketing needs.

The Strategy

Our primary strategy was to leverage Google, the platform where most families begin their search for caregiving services. The plan was to facilitate direct phone conversations between potential clients and Girling representatives through call ads. As a secondary call to action, custom designed landing pages were created prompting visitors to request a callback. While our initial approach targeted both veterans and their families, insights led us to refine our messaging to resonate more deeply with family members, who are often the decision-makers in these scenarios.


The overarching goal was to connect Girling with veterans most in need of their in-home caregiving services across Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, Texas. We aimed to assure visitors of Girling’s expertise in navigating the intricacies of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and emphasize the compassion, flexibility, and tailored approach of Girling’s caregivers.

The Campaign

The campaign messaging was twofold:

  1. Highlighting Girling’s commitment to guiding families through VA benefits, eligibility, and paperwork
  2. Showcasing the wide range of services Girling caregivers offer, from personal care and home management to travel services and caregiver respite

To further instill trust, our custom landing pages were adorned with positive testimonials, ensuring potential clients felt secure in their decision to engage with Girling.

The Results

By September 2023, the campaign’s success was evident:

  • A total of 660 phone calls, with 530 being first-time callers
  • 136 form submissions across the three cities
  • A remarkable cost/lead of just $21.99, significantly outperforming the 2023 industry benchmark of $66.02 for Assisted Living and Home Care Services

Breakdown by city:

  • Dallas led with 210 calls and 54 form submissions
  • Houston closely followed with 209 calls and 33 form submissions
  • San Antonio topped with 241 calls and 49 form submissions

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