A Successful email campaign for Nanoceutical Solutions'

Nanoceutical Solutions

Nanoceutical Solutions specializes in the development and distribution of nanotechnology-based supplements. Their products are designed to help support a healthy lifestyle, focusing on areas such as brain function, energy, and immunity. Nanoceutical Solutions is dedicated to using the latest scientific research and technology to create high-quality supplements that are safe and effective.  Their product repertoire includes over 10 supplements, ranging from Turmeric Curcumin to Vitamin D3. 

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Why Vuepoint?

Nanoceutical Solutions approached Vuepoint to assist in the launch of their latest supplement, Nano NAD+. The company was seeking a marketing partner that could help them effectively promote their product and generate interest and sales. Our experience in creating engaging email campaigns and knowledge of the health and wellness industry made us a perfect fit for the job.


Our strategy was to develop a 3-email campaign that would entice Nanoceutical Solutions followers to try the new product, Nano NAD+. We offered a 30% discount using the code “NAD30” as an incentive. The emails were designed to highlight the benefits of the product, including its ability to support energy and brain function, and to position it as a must-try supplement. The email campaign was sent to Nanoceutical Solutions’ email list, which consisted of subscribers interested in health and wellness products.


  • Generate interest in Nano NAD+ supplement
  • Increase sales of Nano NAD+ upon its launch on the website
  • Encourage recipients to use the NAD30 discount code and make a purchase

The Emails

Each email was crafted with a specific goal in mind and included compelling copy, high-quality images, and clear calls-to-action. Let’s take a closer look at the content of each email and the results they achieved.

  • Email 1: The first email introduced the new product, Nano NAD+, and explained its benefits. It also included a call-to-action that encouraged readers to try the product and provided them with the discount code.
  • Email 2: The second email followed up on the first email and reminded readers of the benefits of the product.  It included the discount code once again.
  • Email 3: The third and final email was a last-minute reminder to readers about the discount offer and reminded them that they’d be some of the first customers to try the new supplement.


The 3-email campaign for Nano NAD+ was a resounding success, with an impressive open rate of 42.27%, click rate of 2.03%, and a conversion rate of 17.6%, significantly exceeding the average benchmarks for e-commerce campaigns. According to Mailchimp‘s email marketing benchmarks, the average open rate for e-commerce emails is 15.68%, while the average click rate is only 2.01%. Additionally, the average conversion rate for health and beauty email campaigns, according to Mailmodo, is 0.11%.

Within the first week of its availability, the campaign generated several sales and a total revenue of $3,359.78 from the emails alone. The discount code was used 24 times, resulting in a 17.6% conversion rate from all emails opened.

Overall, the impressive open and conversion rates showcase that the campaign effectively captured the attention and interest of our audience and drove sales for Nano NAD+.

Individual Email Results: 

Email 1

  • Generated $931.97 in revenue
  • Had 907 opens, resulting in a 41.5% open rate
  • Had 49 clicks, resulting in a 2.2% click rate

Email 2

  • Generated $1,264.30 in revenue
  • Had 972 opens, resulting in a 44.5% open rate
  • Had 51 clicks, resulting in a 2.3% click rate

Email 3

  • Generated $1,163.51 in revenue
  • Had 960 opens, resulting in a 43.8% open rate
  • Had 36 clicks, resulting in a 1.6% click rate

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