Award Winning “12 Days of Christmas” Email Campaign Produces Thousands in Sales

Nanoceutical Solutions

Nanoceutical Solutions is a game changer in the supplement industry, utilizing the power of nanotechnology to make safer and more effective supplements, including customer favorite Nano Glutathione. With a commitment to fostering a healthier lifestyle, their meticulously crafted products target pivotal aspects of well-being, from brain function and energy to immunity. Recognizing the potential of the shopping season, Vuepoint collaborated with them to launch a “12 Days of Christmas” email campaign, aiming to re-engage previous customers and boost seasonal sales.





Why Vuepoint?

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, Vuepoint’s expertise lies in understanding the unique needs of our clients’ customers and crafting campaigns that resonate with them. With Nanoceutical Solutions, we capitalized on the holiday shopping trend to create an email campaign that not only informed but also converted into sales.

The Strategy

Recognizing the competitive nature of the supplement industry, especially in the pay-per-click arena, our strategy pivoted towards leveraging the existing customer base of Nanoceutical Solutions. The holiday season presented the perfect opportunity. We conceptualized a “12 Days of Christmas” sale, promoting each of the twelve products in the store on their own day.


The primary objective was clear: drive sales. By keeping the current customers informed about sales and new product launches, we aimed to capitalize on the holiday shopping spree and maximize revenue.

The Campaigns

Built on Shopify, Nanoceutical Solutions seamlessly integrated with CM Commerce, enabling us to tie our email campaigns directly to the store. This integration provided invaluable data on campaign performance and facilitated the creation of product-linked emails. Our design approach was consistent yet dynamic. Each of the series’ emails showcased a product against a similar backdrop, creating a sense of unity. Urgency was emphasized with “Today Only!” banners, and each email was crafted to highlight the benefits of the product on sale, culminating in a vibrant call-to-action button.

The Results

The results spoke volumes about the campaign’s effectiveness. With an impressive average open rate of nearly 30%, the campaign underscored the power of a well-curated subscriber list. The top-performing email alone generated $983.11 in revenue.

And the success of the campaign didn’t end there either. The “12 Days of Nano: Email Campaign” went on to win silver in the 2022 w3 Awards, a national marketing award that recognizes “brilliance in digital experience, content and creativity.” View all of Vuepoint’s awards.

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