San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

New Website and Email Templates Produce 19% Increase in Newsletter Subscription

As the oldest and largest chamber of commerce in the city, the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SAHCC) boasts a diverse membership with over 1,200 members. With such a dynamic membership, the SAHCC required a comprehensive digital solution to streamline their communication efforts. That’s where Vuepoint was able to help.

Why Vuepoint?

Our agency has worked with countless clients to improve communication with a target audience in a digital landscape, continually crafting creative solutions for their unique needs. With our specialization in both website and email design, SAHCC came to Vuepoint with a project seeking to attract new members, engage existing members, and make it easy for them to access member benefits.

The Strategy

Vuepoint’s strategy involved two avenues of streamlined communication. The first aspect of the project was to create a website that would serve as a hub for SAHCC’s activities and services. We would integrate features such as a dynamic membership directory, premium advertising space, and smart event filtering to enhance user experience and functionality. This would create an easy to manage site for SAHCC staff, and it would showcase the benefits of membership.

The second step was to design custom email templates that would allow SAHCC to organize various topics and ensure each member receives content relevant to their interests. The templates would be designed to be responsive, adjusting to any screen width – mobile, desktop, or tablet—and would be brand-aligned to appeal to the right segment of their audience.


Our goal for the new website was to create a platform that would be easy for SAHCC staff to manage and update and that would engage membership and showcase its benefits.

For the email templates, we aimed to increase SAHCC’s total subscriber list and improve member engagement with organized, brand-aligned content specifically designed to resonate with the right segment of their audience.


The website Vuepoint created for SAHCC is dynamic, easy to navigate, and boasts a ton of new features:

  • The site offers social media sharing links on each page, allowing visitors to quickly share events and news.
  • Each page spotlights call-to-action buttons to Become a Member or Renew Online to help ensure a visitor’s membership.
  • The website hosts a membership directory organized by category, a feature that can be easily updated by SAHCC staff if needed.
  • Newly implemented premium advertising space throughout the website helps provide additional revenue to the chamber and can be use to strategically feature relevant advertisers.
  • We streamlined the SAHCC’s event section of their website with smart filtering and sub-navigation, enhancing member engagement by showcasing the full potential and perks of their membership through a constant flow of new information.
  • We also implemented a feature called SAHCC University, an educational platform where businesses can share their expertise with others.

Email Templates

A variety of custom email templates were needed for the diverse group of SAHCC members. We developed templates for multiple subscription topics that members could subscribe to on the website, including education, events, news, and membership opportunities. Each template prominently displayed the topic at the top, allowing viewers to quickly identify the content. The templates were user-friendly, enabling SAHCC staff to easily add their own images, content, and links.

The Results

Since the launch of the new website and email templates, SAHCC’s social media following has grown significantly thanks in large part to the social media integrations on the site, and their email subscriber list has increased by over 19%. The website’s backend now allows SAHCC staff to easily manage events and news, and the custom email templates have helped to streamline their communication efforts with over 150 unique emails sent in the first few months alone.

If you’re looking for new and creative ways to engage your clients and potential clients online, Vuepoint is ready to help! Contact us today to learn how a custom digital strategy can take your business to the next level.