Average of 17 Leads Per Month for Local Plastic Surgeon

Stallworth Facial Plastics

With over a decade of experience, San Antonio local plastic surgeon Dr. Christian Stallworth has built a reputation for precision, offering a wide range of services from rhinoplasties to facelifts. Recognizing the potential of digital outreach, Dr. Stallworth sought to amplify his practice’s online footprint and lead generation. To achieve this, he entrusted Vuepoint Agency with the task of crafting a digital strategy that would seamlessly merge surgical excellence with digital prowess.





Why Vuepoint?

Vuepoint Agency specializes in connecting businesses with their target audience. Our expertise lies in understanding the nuances of our client’s offerings and tailoring campaigns to resonate with the desired demographic. For Dr. Stallworth’s practice, we devised a strategy to spotlight his expertise in rhinoplasty.

The Strategy

Our approach was twofold: harness the precision of Google Ads to target users actively seeking rhinoplasty and leverage Facebook’s robust targeting tools to reach a broader yet relevant audience. This dual-platform strategy was underpinned by meticulous research, ensuring that our campaigns were geographically and demographically optimized.


The primary objective was to generate high-quality leads that would translate into consultations and surgeries, thereby ensuring a significant return on advertising investment. While the volume of leads was a consideration, the emphasis was on the quality and potential conversion rate of these leads.

The Campaigns

The centerpiece of the campaign was a meticulously designed landing page, encapsulating the essence of Dr. Stallworth’s practice. The page showcased a radiant middle-aged woman, symbolizing the transformative power of the doctor’s expertise.

A prominent call-to-action button guided visitors to a simple form, capturing essential contact details and specific procedure interests. This form acted as the bridge between potential clients and the surgeon’s office.

The landing page also provided insights into the rhinoplasty process, candidate suitability, and a compelling portfolio of Dr. Stallworth’s work. A heartfelt testimonial added a touch of authenticity, emphasizing Dr. Stallworth’s unparalleled patient care.

To drive targeted traffic to this landing page, we crafted ads featuring diverse age profiles, ensuring relatability across a broad age spectrum.


Campaign results after three months were promising. The Google campaign boasted a 7% conversion rate, delivering quality leads to Dr. Stallworth’s office. At the same time, the Facebook campaign yielded an average of 17 leads per month. As we continue to refine and optimize, we anticipate these numbers will grow further.

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