20% Lower Cost Per Acquisition

Stallworth Facial Plastics

In a single year, acquired 463 plastic surgery leads through digital marketing campaigns, a 36% increase from the previous year at a 20% lower CPA.

Stallworth Facial Plastics, recently renamed Texas Plastic Surgery, is a plastic surgery clinic located in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Christian Stallworth has been practicing facial plastic surgery for over 10 years and provides a range of services from rhinoplasty to facelifts. Stallworth Facial Plastics wanted to increase their online presence and generate more leads through digital marketing efforts. They partnered with Vuepoint to improve their online visibility and acquire more leads.

Key Metrics


Conversions in 2022
35% Increase from 2021


Conversion Rate
19% Increase from 2021


20% Lower than 2021

Why Vuepoint?

Stallworth Facial Plastics needed a partner that could help them generate leads and lower their CPA through effective digital marketing campaigns. Vuepoint’s experience in the healthcare industry and expertise in digital marketing made us the ideal partner for this project.


Our strategy focused on improving the online visibility of Stallworth Facial Plastics through Google search campaigns with targeted keywords in the San Antonio area. We created ads that focused on the benefits of facial plastic surgery and highlighted the expertise of Dr. Stallworth. Also optimizing the campaigns weekly to ensure maximum ROI.

We created a custom landing page that was designed to optimize conversions and capture leads. Our landing page provided a seamless user experience and showcased the unique value of Stallworth Facial Plastics. It included a clear call-to-action that made it easy for users to request a consultation.


  • Increase leads and conversion rates
  • Lower cost per acquisition
  • Improve online visibility

The Ads

Our Google search campaigns utilized targeted messaging and visually appealing graphics to encourage users to request a consultation. We highlighted the benefits of choosing Stallworth Facial Plastics, on the landing page including before and after images and patient testimonials. For our search ads, we targeted specific keywords related to facial plastic surgery in the San Antonio area, such as “rhinoplasty,” “facelift,” and “plastic surgeon.” 


Our digital marketing efforts resulted in a significant increase in leads and conversion rates for Stallworth Facial Plastics. In a single year, we acquired 463 plastic surgery leads through digital marketing campaigns, a 35% increase from the previous year. Additionally, we achieved a 20% lower cost per acquisition for Stallworth Facial Plastics.

The custom landing page we created had a conversion rate of 70.3% in 2022, a significant increase from the 5.97% conversion rate in 2021. The CPA was reduced from $63 to $50.69 in 2022. By focusing only on Google search campaigns with targeted keywords and optimizing the campaigns weekly, we were able to achieve these results.

If you’re looking to improve your online presence and generate more leads, contact Vuepoint Agency to learn how we can help you succeed.