Showcasing a University's 100 Years of Historical Milestones

Texas Lutheran University

As one of Texas’ most prominent private educational institutions, Texas Lutheran University (TLU) has a rich history dating all the way back to 1912. When TLU approached Vuepoint to commemorate their remarkable 100-year anniversary, we knew we had an opportunity to create something truly special.

The Strategy

Our strategy centered around a compelling mini site that would encapsulate the essence of TLU’s past, proudly display its vibrant present, and ignite enthusiasm for the future. We aimed to craft an immersive experience that would take visitors on an engaging journey through time.


Our primary goal for the project was to create a visually captivating mini site that showcased TLU’s historical milestones, provided deeper insights into the university’s traditions and landmarks, and fostered a sense of pride among the TLU community. We aimed to highlight the transformative impact of TLU’s journey and reinforce the university’s position as a beacon of academic excellence.

Centennial Mini Site

Our team meticulously designed the mini site to pay homage to the university’s illustrious history. At its core, we placed a dynamic scrolling timeline curated to highlight pivotal moments in TLU’s past. Each timeline point featured a captivating photograph, accompanied by a title and introductory snippet, enticing visitors to explore further. By selecting a point of interest, users could then dive deeper into that specific era, unveiling an expander with a comprehensive write-up and a collection of nostalgic photos that transport them back in time.


TLU’s mini site received widespread praise and recognition for its design and captivating storytelling. The mini site was honored with the Bronze award in the prestigious “Specialty Sub Site” category at the CASE District IV’s District Awards Program. This recognition affirms the success of our collaboration with TLU and reinforces our commitment to creating exceptional digital experiences.

The TLU centennial mini site stands as a testament to the power of blending history, creativity, and technology. Contact us today to learn more about the transformative power of a Vuepoint website.