Online Promotions Yield 20K+ Reach for Retail Seller

The Rustic Gallery

The Rustic Gallery, Hacienda & Country Interiors made its debut in the American market as a wholesaler in 1998 and opened its first retail store in 1999. Encompassing an array of eclectic styles such as Hacienda, Country, Western, Mediterranean, and Spanish, the Rustic Gallery is known for its uniqueness and high quality. The store was successful but seemed to be missing a critical component: an online marketing strategy. That’s where Vuepoint came in.







Why Vuepoint?

Vuepoint has extensive experience promoting sellers online via the vast networks of social media advertising. Our agency has also crafted a number of automated email campaigns to reengage previous customers. This two-pronged approach was exactly what the Rustic Gallery was looking for in their online promotions.

The Strategy

To bolster The Rustic Gallery’s online presence, we devised a multi-platform strategy. This involved leveraging the strengths of Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz, and email marketing to engage both existing and potential customers in south and central Texas.


Our primary objectives were to:

  • Strengthen relationships with existing clientele.
  • Broaden exposure to potential customers.
  • Drive sales both in-store and through new online avenues.

The Campaigns

Facebook (Primary Campaign)
We employed a mix of video ads, image ads, and boosted posts to announce upcoming sales and promotions on Facebook. Additionally, we utilized the platform to educate our audience about The Rustic Gallery’s eco-friendly initiatives. Compared to traditional media, social media offers a cost-effective avenue for brand messaging.

Houzz & Pinterest
Houzz, a platform dedicated to home design enthusiasts, was identified as a strategic fit for The Rustic Gallery. By showcasing their offerings on Houzz, we ensured that global users could consider The Rustic Gallery’s products when contemplating home furnishing purchases. The platform’s unique feature of allowing pricing negotiations and sales discussions further augmented potential revenue streams.

We also advertised on Pinterest, which offered an additional avenue to reach potential customers who aren’t active on Facebook.

Automated Emails
We developed automated email campaigns designed to engage the Rustic Gallery’s email subscribers from the moment of their enrollment. By offering them timely news, exclusive sales, and expert decorating tips, we not only fostered customer loyalty but also positioned The Rustic Gallery as a brand that continually adds value. Such consistent communication fortifies the bond with customers, making it challenging for competitors to lure them away.

The Results

Facebook Metrics (Primary Campaign)

With its vast network, Facebook provided the majority of our campaign’s conversions and connected the Rustic Gallery with several new customers:







Houzz & Pinterest Impact

The Rustic Gallery’s presence on Houzz opened doors to a global audience, leading to increased inquiries and sales discussions outside the traditional store environment. And the messaging on Pinterest engaged potential customers who could not be reached through larger social media platforms, like Facebook.

Email Campaigns

Our automated email campaigns have been instrumental in nurturing customer relationships, leading to repeat purchases and solidifying The Rustic Gallery’s reputation as a brand that consistently delivers value.

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