Attorney Website to Educate Visitors and Improve Google Ranking

Tylden Shaeffer

It’s not unusual for people seeking a criminal defense lawyer to entrust their research to the privacy of search engines like Google. San Antonio Attorney Tylden Shaeffer, criminal defense lawyer, knows this and further understands the importance of having a website that is both informative and easy for his potential clients to find. That’s why he sought the help of Vuepoint Agency.

Why Vuepoint?

Designing a website that works in tandem with Google algorithms requires extensive knowledge and a lot of creativity. With Vuepoint’s expertise in website design and search engine algorithms, Attorney Shaeffer  trusted our agency to ensure his site was effectively communicating his message to his target audience.

The Strategy

Our strategy was clear: to ensure the website for Attorney at Law, Tylden Shaeffer, could be easily found and used to engage his services. We meticulously organized and optimized every aspect of his website’s content, combining design elements and algorithm optimization techniques to enhance visibility and relevance.


Our primary goals were to:

  • Create a website that serves as a valuable resource for potential clients seeking legal counsel in specific crimes.
  • Direct visitors to contact Attorney Shaeffer through streamlined contact forms and prominently displayed phone numbers.

The Website

By highlighting Attorney Shaeffer’s credentials, experience, and multilingual skills, we aimed to instill trust and confidence in his expertise. The website serves as a resource of information to his potential clients. Information is organized into sub-categories, each with their own webpage and all of which were crafted to work well with search engines so that they appear in search results.

The website design also focused on providing an informative and visually appealing experience across various devices. Through multi-device responsiveness, his website seamlessly adapts to different screen sizes, ensuring a consistent and engaging user experience. This not only improves user satisfaction but also contributes to enhanced online visibility.

The Results

The new website has yielded positive results, positioning Attorney Shaeffer for success. Key highlights include:

  • A custom, modern design that showcases Attorney Shaeffer’s credentials and expertise.
  • Mobile responsiveness, ensuring a seamless browsing experience across devices.
  • An emphasis on relevant and informative content, demonstrated through a blog section that addresses educational topics, latest case outcomes, and developments in criminal law.
  • Improved visibility on search engines, indexed blog posts, and strategically optimized content contribute to enhanced search engine rankings and increased discoverability.

The collaboration between Vuepoint and Attorney Shaeffer showcases the power of strategic website design. By creating an engaging, informative, and highly visible online presence, we have successfully connected potential clients with Attorney Shaeffer’s expertise in criminal defense law.

At Vuepoint, we understand the critical importance of strategic website design. Let our expertise help you connect with your ideal audience. Contact us today!