Focused Search Campaign for South Texas' Premier Epilepsy Center

University Hospital

Epilepsy is a challenging condition that affects millions of people. University Health System’s Epilepsy Center (STCEC) is South Texas’ only comprehensive epilepsy treatment center. With such a targeted message, they required help connecting with patients who needed them most. Through Vuepoint’s targeted search campaign and strategic landing page designs, we were able to increase relevant web traffic and facilitate easy conversion tracking for STCEC.

Top Performing Landing Pages


703 visits

in first 30 days


89 visits

in first 30 days


53 visits

in first 30 days

Why Vuepoint?

Vuepoint specializes in creating effective and targeted campaigns. We understand the importance of reaching the right audience and providing them with the information they need to reach out to a healthcare organization like the STCEC.

The Strategy

Our strategy was to create six strategic landing pages, each focusing on a specific area of epilepsy: medication, epilepsy in children, surgery, epilepsy in general, and the STCEC epilepsy monitoring unit. Each landing page was designed to educate the visitor and guide them to the next step in getting help. A custom Google Search campaign was set up for each landing page using keywords relevant to that page’s content.


Our primary goal was to connect UHS with the audience that needed their services the most. We aimed to increase web traffic to the landing pages and facilitate easy conversion tracking through contact forms on each page.

The Campaign

The campaign was targeted to the Central and South Texas region, where STCEC is the top choice for epilepsy treatment. We utilized a custom Google Search campaign for each landing page, continually optimizing the keywords and cleaning up what wasn’t bringing in traffic. This allowed the campaign to improve month-to-month and use the campaign budget efficiently.

The Results

In just 30 days, we saw significant web traffic dispersed to the six landing pages. The General Epilepsy Landing Page received 703 visits, the Spanish General Epilepsy Landing Page had 89 visits, and the Epilepsy in Children Landing Page had 53 visits. While these numbers are impressive, we understand that bigger isn’t always better. The more targeted campaigns often yield more conversions because they reach a niche audience. And thanks to our more targeted approach, STCEC was able to connect with the right patients.

At Vuepoint Agency, we believe in the power of digital marketing to connect people with the services they need. We’re proud of the results we achieved with the University Health System’s Epilepsy Center and look forward to helping other organizations reach their marketing goals. Contact us today to learn how we can help you connect with your audience.