Converting 6.32% of Visitors Into Patients for the Reeves Rehab Center

University Hospital

University Health System’s Reeves Rehabilitation Center is San Antonio’s leader in stroke and neuromuscular rehabilitation. In addition to helping those who were injured or recently recovering from surgery, the center has specialized programs for hand therapies and vestibular physical therapy.

When the center set out to connect with patients in need of their services, they enlisted the help of Vuepoint to design and manage a highly targeted digital campaign. The results provided new patients to the center as well as increased brand awareness.

Key Metrics


Average Ad Position


Conversions Rate

Why Vuepoint?

Vuepoint’s understanding of the healthcare industry and our collaborative approach produced a unique and targeted campaign for the Reeves Rehab Center. Combined with expertise in optimizing content and leveraging targeted advertising, the ads had a Lifetime Average Position of 1.5, indicating that on average the Reeves Rehab Center ads were appearing in the first or second spot of Google Search results.


The Reeves Rehabilitation Center required a highly targeted campaign to generate a consistent stream of leads for their specialized therapies. Our strategy involved creating three custom Google Search campaigns, each focused on a specific therapy. We directed traffic to isolated landing pages with keyword-specific content, optimized to rank well and engage the target audience.


Our primary goals were to drive quality traffic, increase conversions, and deliver new patient leads to Reeves Rehabilitation Center. By implementing effective call-to-action elements and conversion tracking, we aimed to measure campaign success and provide valuable insights to our client.

Ads + Landing Pages

We developed three custom Adwords campaigns tailored to the Reeves Rehabilitation Center’s specialized therapies. The landing pages were meticulously crafted, leveraging our collaboration with the University Health System team and doctors to ensure accuracy and clarity of content. By targeting individuals actively searching for relevant keywords and refining the audience based on specific zip codes, we maximized campaign effectiveness and optimized for the most responsive areas.


Our efforts yielded impressive results, as highlighted by the following key metrics:

  • Lifetime Average Position: 1.5, indicating a strong campaign performance and high visibility for Reeves Rehabilitation Center.
  • Overall Conversion Rate: 6.32%, demonstrating the effectiveness of the campaigns in driving conversions and generating new patient leads.
  • Cost tracking and monthly reports provided valuable insights, enabling us to account for every dollar spent and provide transparent campaign performance updates to our client.

Our ongoing campaign optimization, including refining keywords and audience targeting, further enhanced the campaign’s effectiveness.

Discover how Vuepoint can leverage targeted digital campaigns to drive tangible results for your healthcare organization. Contact us today to explore our tailored solutions and embark on a digital journey that connects patients with the care they need.