Texas Diabetes Institute Lifetime Ranking 1.4 in Google Search Results

University Hospital

University Health System’s Texas Diabetes Institute is a world-class center dedicated to preventing, treating and finding a cure for diabetes. When they set a goal to reach new patients, they came to Vuepoint to craft an effective digital marketing campaign.

Why Vuepoint?

Vuepoint specializes in creating targeted digital campaigns that raise awareness, engage audiences, and generate leads. Coupled with our extensive experience in healthcare digital marketing, our agency was an ideal choice for the Texas Diabetes Institute’s objective.

The Strategy

The Texas Diabetes Institute approached us with the objective of increasing community awareness and gathering leads for potential patients. To address this challenge, we devised a comprehensive strategy centered around a custom Google Search campaign and a strategically designed landing page. Our goal was to not only drive traffic but also monitor lead generation to maximize campaign effectiveness.


Our primary goals were twofold:

  1. To raise awareness about the Texas Diabetes Institute and its services within the community
  2. To generate leads for potential patients interested in participating in research studies

By leveraging targeted advertising and a user-friendly landing page, we aimed to facilitate seamless patient engagement and connection.

Campaign + Landing Page

A well-designed landing page serves as the foundation of any successful campaign. For the Texas Diabetes Institute, we crafted an informative and mobile-friendly landing page that incorporated a custom form for appointment requests and research study inquiries.

All campaign links directed users to this landing page, enabling us to monitor the performance of ads and track form submissions for lead generation.

The Results

Since the campaign’s launch, the ads consistently achieved a lifetime average position of 1.4, surpassing expectations even before optimization efforts. This means the ads were consistently showing in the first or second position of Google Search results, right at the top where users would see them first.

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