The Difference: A University Hospital Brand Awareness Campaign

University Hospital

As the only locally owned and operated health system in San Antonio, University Hospital System (UHS) has been a cornerstone of the community for more than 100 years. As part of an effort to expand brand awareness throughout the South Texas market, UHS approached Vuepoint about running a highly targeted online campaign. In just the span of a few days, the campaign racked up over 1 million views and reached thousands of screens.

Key Metrics


Total Views


Average Cost / View


Average View Rate

Why Vuepoint?

Vuepoint Agency specializes in crafting compelling digital campaigns that elevate brand awareness and drive impactful results. Due to our deep understanding of the healthcare industry and history of unique solutions in digital marketing, University Hospital approached our agency to help them with their South Texas brand awareness campaign.

The Strategy

Our strategy was to target seven distinct key audiences within the South Texas market, ranging from a general, health-conscious audience to small niche markets. Our campaign also implemented re-marketing tactics that targeted previous visitors to key UHS webpages. Additionally, we implemented an email subscription option to keep users informed and connected with UHS after the campaign had ended.


Our objective was to highlight the key differentiator of University Hospital and deliver a powerful message: there is a difference. The goal was to get as many people as possible to view the videos, with a secondary goal of driving traffic to the UHS website where visitors could choose to learn more about the hospital and sign up for email updates.

Video Ads

We strategically utilized YouTube in-stream ad spots and Facebook video ads to enhance brand awareness and preference within the South Texas market. We captured the authentic stories of four patients, using them as testimonials to showcase the hospital’s exceptional care and service. These stories were housed on a dedicated campaign website, allowing users to seamlessly navigate from one story to another, delving deeper into The University Difference.

The Results

The UHS videos received over 1 million views with an average view rate of over 20%. These numbers highlight the significant reach and engagement generated by the campaign.

  • Total Views: 1,014,025
  • Average View Rate: 22.3%
  • Total Clicks to Website: 17,171
  • Total Impressions: 4,555,612
  • Average Cost/View: $0.07

The Facebook campaign ran from August – December 2016 and utilized 15-second video teasers and static image ads which prompted people to comment and share the posts on Facebook, and then funneled them to the custom website to view the whole video.

Overall, the Facebook campaign generated:

  • 45,739 clicks to the website
  • 500+ new page likes

Our strategic approach successfully amplified awareness of University Hospital and reinforced the message that there is a difference in their exceptional care. By reaching diverse target audiences and providing a seamless user experience on the campaign website, we have fostered a stronger connection between University Hospital and the South Texas community.

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