One of our  clients, Monique Zinn owns Zinn Insurance. We have been working with Monique for a couple years now, and on a weekly basis are coming up with, and deploying, ways to let future and current clients connect with her and her business. We are proud to say we have recently integrated Facebook Comments directly on her website in three major areas of the site.

Individuals can directly ask questions, engage in discussion on her website, have questions publicly answered and shared, and leave testimonials and reviews of her service for everyone to see.

This means big time social media engagement, and that’s just the way we like it! As each person comments, asks a question, and leaves a review, its also posted directly to their individual Facebook walls for their entire network to see. That means each time a person interacts with Zinn Insurance’s website, a whole new network of individuals is being directly introduced to Zinn Insurance and their services.

Zinn Insurance is a great company helping businesses and individuals alike navigate the often times daunting and confusing realm of health insurance. They have a great personal and hands on approach and most importantly the patience to help you understand the best options available to you. Like any business providing great service they have very happy clients just waiting to share their experiences with others looking for this kind of service. We’ve created a testimonials page title “The Zinn Experience” where clients are able to share those comments, with a slight twist – it uses Facebook commenting. This way prospecting clients can view theses testimonials on the website and friends of the individuals who commented will see the rave reviews in their Facebook feed! Where else can you get a client review that doubles as word of mouth advertising creating warm leads?!?!