Email Campaigns

Email is especially effective at building brand loyalty and maintaining top-of-mind status when it comes to purchase decisions. Despite its “old school” reputation, it’s still highly effective at converting leads into customers and reengaging previous customers. Email campaigns pair well with strong lead generation campaigns, which may include search engine marketing [hyperlink] and paid social [hyperlink]. Once a lead expresses interest in your business, putting them through a strong email nurture campaign can help ensure they become a real customer.

We conduct our email strategy based on your customer demographics and what they respond to. Using data collected from each sent email, we adjust messaging and design to more effectively improve open and click-through rates. Some optimization tactics we may recommend include A/B testing to determine what messaging works best, list segmentation to further customize messaging, and testing different calls-to-action to improve the customer journey. All of our emails are formatted to work on both desktop and mobile devices.


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