Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an exciting and growing branch of digital advertising. It’s especially helpful at building brand loyalty through the influence of popular social media personalities who serve as brand ambassadors for your business. But finding and building a relationship with the right influencer can be complicated and time consuming, which is where we come in.

Our team develops a conversion-focused strategy to boost leads and sales for your business via popular online personalities with strong social engagement who will promote your brand to their followers. We scour online resources to find influencers that will be the right fit for your brand and budget. We take into account their statistics, like number of followers, views, video likes, etc., to create a shortlist of names for you to review. Once you’ve had a chance to learn more about each influencer and we’ve identified the right fit, our team will initiate a conversation with them and work on your behalf to negotiate a contract (if necessary), structure a campaign, and establish a campaign timeline.

Because there will be multiple touch points with the influencer during the content creation process, our team will also manage that ongoing relationship for you, making sure that you still see and approve the final product. We take the stress out of building and managing an influencer campaign so you can give your full attention to your business.


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