In Texas, the construction biz is no joke. The budgets, timelines, and projects can be monstrous, but that’s where Pesado Construction shines. With every project, they prove that they not only will deliver a project on-time, but with no financial stress. It’s that constant commitment and success that allows them to stand out in their industry. They needed a website to communicate why they’re the best people for the job, to showcase their best work, and to spark that initial conversation to keep new projects coming.

A Fluid Experience, No Matter the Device

When first landing on the website, whether the user is on a laptop at home or at a coffee shop on their phone, they’ll be greeted by a responsive website. No matter what device the visitor is on, their experience will be fluid and the content will be the same. It’s imperative, more than ever, to have a responsive website due to the fact that Google now champions websites that are mobile-friendly. It makes perfect sense when you think about how much internet browsing is done on your phone. Ultimately, keeping Pesado on the cutting edge helps them continue to be a top competitor in their field.

Pesado Construction Responsive Home Page

A Foundation with the Ability to Grow

We like to think of a website as the beginning foundation for much more future content. Pesado has completed so many projects and is continuing to complete them. Their projects page can grow with them and can be easily managed by their own office personnel. Because we built the foundation on WordPress’ powerful framework, a user can simply log into the “backend” of the website and add a new project. With the custom CMS we’ve created, they can easily upload project photos, a title and a quick description, and with a swift click of the “publish” button, be live on the web.

Custom WordPress CMS for Construction Company WebsiteThe Ultimate Goal – Conversions!

As with any digital marketing initiative, there should always be an ultimate goal or hard conversion. In Pesado Construction’s case, it’s the “Request a Quote” button. And you better believe you’ll see that button throughout every page of the site. Once a visitor fills out that form, the ball is in Pesado’s court to get the conversion going and ultimately land the deal. Forms are a great way for Pesado to measure how their website is performing by not only the amount of inquiries that are coming in, but also by looking back to see how many deals were closed because of those leads.

Quote Request Form

Your website should not only look great on any device, but should be able to grow exponentially. As a business owner, you have your hand on the pulse of your company. The ability to add content to your website to show off your latest project or make a big announcement is going to set a strong foundation for your digital marketing efforts. Pair that impressive content with a strong call-to-action and your website will be putting in the work it should.