When we team up with a client like My Smile Artist, we get really excited because working with incredible San Antonio small businesses is our favorite. We have a variety of clients with various needs and budgets. We like to tailor a campaign that will work best for each client. For this particular service, veneers have a medium amount of paid search competition which naturally drives up the price for related keywords like “san antonio veneers” or “porcelain veneers in san antonio”, for example. When working with a smaller budget, it requires more creativity, and we love a good challenge! My Smile Artist stands out from the competition not only with its dedicated team, but with their amazing, minimally invasive veneer process. While My Smile Artist offers many other services, this high-end cosmetic procedure is the perfect focus for a budget-friendly, Facebook campaign.

For the majority of our clients’ campaigns, we set up a unique landing page that allows our efforts to be easily optimized and tracked. A campaign specific landing page allows us to be hyper-focused and that all starts with great content that speaks to a specific audience. In this case, someone who is looking to perfect their smile with veneers.

Landing Page on Laptop

While there are many options in San Antonio for veneer work, what sets our client apart from the competition is their minimally invasive process. If they’ve been doing their research and have been searching around for some time, they’ll find that My Smile Artist is the only dentist in the area that offers a minimally invasive veneer. We highlight this special process by featuring comparative photos.

Traditional Veneers vs. Minimally Invasive Veneers

Explaining the process and what to expect helps the user visualize themselves going through the process and help them feel more confident in contacting My Smile Artist for an initial consultation.

Veneers Process

And most importantly, we always implement a trackable element that we can use to monitor our campaign success. In the digital marketing world, this is referred to as a conversion. We track how many form submissions we receive and do a monthly followup with our client to check on the quality of those leads. If appointments are being booked from those form submissions, it’s a win. If they aren’t, we can come up with a strategy to further optimize the campaign to get better quality leads even if that means less form submissions – quality over quantity! It all comes down to comparing what you spent on your advertising versus the money it brought in over time.

Form Submission Thank You

You may be thinking, “But how do people even get to this amazing landing page in the first place?”. That’s the beauty of a paid digital marketing campaign. We determine the best platform for your campaign (in this case, Facebook) and develop the copy and graphics to grab the attention of your targeted audience. For My Smile Artist, we focused on the end result, the beautiful smile and headlining their minimally invasive process.

Facebook Ads

When it comes to cosmetic services being advertised on Facebook, there are a lot of guidelines and restrictions. We make this tedious process as seamless as possible for our clients so that they can focus on their business and let us handle the intricacies of launching a digital marketing campaign. Of course, we always stay in communication with our clients on big decisions like approving the budget and all content before launch.

After the campaign is launched, our work isn’t done. We continue to monitor incoming leads and meet regularly with our clients to discuss the quality of those leads. We make adjustments to the campaign (budget spend, targeting, landing page optimization, etc.) to further improve on our clients goals.

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