Huston-Tillotson University of Austin, Texas has nine academic departments. Not only that, but each department is bustling with students, professors, and staff, all with a passion for education and learning. To keep this massive amount of information organized and to assist them in managing such a large website, Vuepoint provided HT with a custom designed and easy to manage WordPress website.

The website serves more than one purpose, so organization is key to a website of this scale. In order to appeal to future students, an attention-grabbing “Apply to HT” is prominently displayed in the header of every page. The enrollment page allows the user to apply to the university and review other important enrollment related links such as First Year Student, Transfer Student, Veterans, and the Adult Degree Program. This ensures that traditional and non-traditional students alike will be able to find the information they’re looking for.


The navigation is broken into six major items with related pages displayed below each. This simple expanding navigation menu allows the user to quickly find what they are looking for in one click. Less clicks, less hassle.

Navigation Menu for University Website

Behind the scenes, the website features custom user roles and an easy to navigate backend so HTU can delegate site management to a large number of editors without granting the editors access to areas of the site they shouldn’t. Thanks to the power of WordPress, these editors can manage HTU’s website with little to no technical knowledge. And if there’s ever a question on how to utilize these publishing features, the user can always refer to the documentation provided in the dashboard. They can thank us later 😉

University CMS

Any college or university website is a massive undertaking but with well-established goals and a clear vision from the onset, Vuepoint was able to achieve Huston-Tillotson University’s goals. With a robust website to accommodate a large amount of information and the ability to manage multiple users and their new content, this university is prepared to focus on what they do best.